Shang Chi Review: Marvel wins once again with Asian cinema visuals.

Sheng Chi uses the comic book Kung Fu to refresh the MCU.


I had a point. Shang Chi and the symbols of the ten colors. I was watching a Marvel movie when I forgot. It is strange to say that the greatest strength of this latest Marvel Falk is how extraordinary it is, but then perhaps this is a film about conflicting identities that has its own dual identity. Because from the beginning of the war to the aftermath of the inevitable credit, Shang Chi comes with Marvel’s strengths and weaknesses while also feeling something new.

Unlike July. black Widow, This latest Marvel Adventure Disney Plus (at least) Until October). Shang Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings will premiere in theaters on September 3. Check your local guide and follow the COVID precautions to protect your health if you are. Consider watching this or another movie in the theater..

Samu Liu plays Sean, a cute idiot who is wasting his life in San Francisco parking lots and doing karaoke with his friend Katie. Except that his real name is Shang Chi, and he actually trained his thousand-year-old warrior father to become a murderer, plotting to conquer a magical village hidden in a Chinese forest.

The film stars Hong Kong cinema legend Tony Leung Wen as the patron of both Shang Chi and a shady ninja army. Living is extremely compelling as a villain, either harsh or romantic, loving or vengeful. Veno is one of the most complex and interesting opponents of any recent blockbuster, let alone the Marvel franchise.

I partially forgot that Shang Chi was part of a Disney-owned comic book franchise because it relied less on connections to the wider MCU. Even when Marvel first introduced new characters on the big screen, such as the MCU version of Black Panther, Antman or Spider-Man, they overlapped with other films. While it’s fun in its own way, it’s really refreshing to watch a movie standing on its own two feet, without the audience remembering other movies – and yes, I appreciate that it’s a rare time, but hey, it’s a sequel. / Spin Off / Restart the culture we live in.

Okay, so the first KMCU is shaking its head. Without going into spoilers, these nodes are fine because you don’t have to memorize complex backstory, they understand narrative, and most importantly, they’re funny.

Shang Chi Fight Choreography is unlike anything else in MCU.


But as well as relaxing the big-name Avengers, the film is seemingly and narratively different from the rest of the franchise. Shang Chi is Marvel’s first Asian lead, and the style of the film is based on the rich history of Asian cinema, from martial arts films to gangster films to romance and especially the lush visual and emotional style of Wuxia epics. Like the recent Disney Plus shows. Wanda Vision And لوکی, Shang Chi’s greatest strength is the power to amaze him. Drawing on the superhero-style myths and legends of a new culture gives the Legend of Ten Rings a freshness that is missing from the more familiar rendition of the Black Widow.

Ever since Shang Chi first mastered his martial arts skills in a running bus, Legend of Ten Rings has been about action. Fighting scenes were set by the late Brad Allen, who worked extensively with Jackie Chan, and set pace punch-ups with a passion that was rarely seen in Hollywood blockbusters. Every character and every fight has a personality that is expressed in the style of fighting. In fact, the hero’s personal development comes from his changing fighting style, a clever and satisfying piece of visual storytelling.

At the same time, Shang Chi is pretty much a Marvel movie, both good and bad. If you think Black Widow’s much-anticipated villain task master has been an anti-climax, wait until you meet Shang Chi’s unwanted and undercooked bad guys (of course, Leung’s).

Visually, while it is not moving towards the dynamic style of Chinese cinema, cinematography suffers from the same softness that affects all Marvel movies. And the use of computer-generated imagery not only enhances the fluorescent flair, but also causes a kind of visual numbness. Of course, it’s okay to bring mythical creatures and fancy superpowers to life with computer-generated animation, but when the background is clearly CG, it goes away from the effects of the action. There are moments where the characters are only talking in one field, and the field is clearly not real. The final, in particular, relies more on a CG light show and lasts much longer.

And when there are great battles against CG-backed cartoon Shane, it silences the actors’ skill and athleticism. As much fun as the battles are, they can’t be found in the panting or shaking wall of Jackie Chan’s battle scenes, in which you know the star and stunt actors are really jumping on the side of a moving car or building.

But Marvel’s powers are also in full swing. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with Okafina and other guest stars stealing almost every scene. And the film buys itself a license to use familiar or large-scale conventions (such as a voiceover) while gently joking about them.

Above all, the film manages to entertain as well as inform. MCU has rarely dealt with the superhero style of covert identities (except, it seems, the upcoming Spider-Man: No way home.But Sheng Chi redefines the challenges of living in two different versions of himself through the lens of the Asian-American experience. In the hands of director Dustin Daniel Creighton, The Legend of Ten Rings has mentally corrected past failures to represent Marvel and reflects the Chinese family and culture that audiences of Asian backgrounds admire for its warmth and authenticity. Are doing And at IO9, POC Critics, Movie Markers, Geeks of Color and more More).

However, the character’s dynamics leave Samu Liu in a difficult position. Leung is an invincible actor, Okafina is a comedian, Mengir Zhang is the victim of more emotional controversy as Shang Chi’s sister, and Michelle Yu is a charming charisma. An additional meaning of flashbacks and sound overs is that Leo himself fades from the streetlights at the same time. Fortunately, he is very attractive (and looks great taking off his shirt) because the ass-hitting link is rolling with wide eyes as the MCU Leading Man. In its first adventure, you may forget that you are watching a Marvel movie, but Sheng Chi intends to be a memorable part of Marvel’s fiction.

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