SEOHost.Net Principal: French no-confidence case against Google could be significant remake for SEO

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SEOHost.Net Principal: French no-confidence case against Google could be significant remake for SEO

Orlando, Fla., July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRW / – Terry Kane, The COO of the global SSL service domain registration and SEO hosting provider SEO Host (, believes that recent French orders against Google’s parent company, A, in the long run Can have a significant impact on search engine optimization.

The first order, reported by Reuters in June, demonstrated the tech’s commitment to changing its global advertising business. The settlement, which included a fine 8 268 million, Means putting power in the hands of publishers. And although it may not have an immediate effect, French officials hope that their success here will affect issues of mistrust elsewhere in the world.

The second order, announced earlier this month, focused on Google’s News Showcase program. Regulators maintained that Google failed to comply with the negotiating orders Of France News publisher amid copyright dispute. The company was almost fined 90 590 million And there will be more fines million 1 million One day, if it doesn’t draft the proposals, how will it compensate the publishers for their content?

“At first glance, both of these decisions have little to do with SEO, but consider the long term,” says Kane. “Google has considered itself somewhat ignorant for decades since its inception. Everything we know about its algorithm is based entirely on the company that told us directly.”

“This no-confidence motion, along with some other recent lawsuits against the company, could be the first step in changing that,” he continued. “We’re looking at a full sample shift where search is concerned. Even in the short term, it’s important to realize that Google is violating copyright law with its activities.”

Google, which agreed to the payment million 76 million Over the next three years, a group of French news publishers, for their part, have maintained that they have always acted in good faith. Although disappointed with both decisions, the company has acknowledged that it will comply.

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