Senator Durbin orders Republicans to scrap the stall to raise debt ceiling

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) demanded Tuesday that Republicans block a Senate rule that requires legislation that gets 60 votes to pass so Democrats can raise the debt ceiling.

“If Senate Republicans want to force Democrats to suspend the debt ceiling ourselves, all they have to do is allow us to remove the 60-vote threshold,” Durbin said of the stalling. “They will soon have the opportunity to do so on the Senate floor. I urge them to take it.”

Speaking outside the Senate, Durbin blamed Republicans for the Democrat’s predicament. “it’s his [McConnell’s] The design, his strategy that led to all of this, Durbin said.

After criticizing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), Durbin then turned to blame former President Trump for the uncomfortable position of the Democrats.

He claimed that “this debt ceiling reflects the largest increase in the federal deficit in US history during the four years of Donald Trump’s rule, with the support of Senator McConnell and Republican senators.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki She said Tuesday, however, that eliminating stalling is not under consideration. “The president’s position on that has not changed,” she said.

The Democratic-led Senate on Monday failed to pass a House-passed bill that would raise the debt ceiling until the 2022 midterm elections and fund the government for a few months. As a result, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reportedly told House Democrats that she would put in place a new bill that would eliminate the debt-ceiling clause and simply fund the government – the so-called “Clean Continuing Resolution” (CR).

Senate Republicans have indicated they will pass a bill in the House to keep the government open, but will continue to press Democrats to address the debt ceiling problem, along with passing Biden’s massive tax and spending measures. However, left-wing efforts in the Democratic House of Representatives to rule out funding for Israel’s Iron Dome also remain a sticking point between the two chambers and parties – but generally they are widely expected to agree to a clean business slate to fund the government and avoid shutdown.

As for the debt limit, Senate Republicans have made it clear that they believe the solution to the Democrats’ problem is and they won’t help them raise it.

The Democrats control the entire government – the Senate, the House and the White House. They intend to sideline the Republicans and go it alone to criticize American families with tax hikes and historic borrowings.” She said Tuesday “so they will need to raise the debt limit on a partisan basis as well.”

recent poll Indicates If a government shutdown occurs because Democrats are unable to repay US debt, Americans will blame Democrats, not Republicans. 33% said they would blame Democrats. 16% said they would blame Republicans.

Democrats’ panic about being blamed for the situation led the media to ask Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) whether the debt ceiling should be raised in the reconciliation package. “Proceeding with reconciliation is risky for the country and it is not successful,” Schumer said She said response.

Questions remain how the debt ceiling will be raised. “For now, this question is still hanging in the air,” Psaki I acknowledge At the press conference on Monday.

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