Semantic HTML is not a Google search quality signal.

Google’s John Mرller said that semantic HTML is not a standard signal that is used for ranking purposes in Google search. “Proper HTML semantics and tag ranking should be a standard signal,” said one SEO. John Mرller replied, “I don’t see it as a quality signal.”

But that’s not something that Google doesn’t help. John added: “But it definitely helps us to understand the pages better, so that we can better display them for relevant search queries.”

Here are the tweets:

Google’s Martin Split actually covered it in the legendary SEO video, but he didn’t really say much about it.

John has talked about this topic many times – saying that it would help to have a “clear structure on the page” but that it would not “count against a site if they make it wrong.” He said years ago. Even in 2016, he said, it doesn’t matter what your tags order.

In general, all you can do is help Google understand your overall site and pages. But it does not tell Google that your page or site is standard by ensuring the use of good semantic HTML structure – anyone can do that.

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