See how a stunt double Mars rover escapes the sand trap.


The ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover is set to sail to Mars in 2022.


That’s part of the story. Welcome to MarsOur series exploring the Red Planet.

Anakin Skywalker will not like Mars much: “I do not like sand. It is very rough and irritating and it is found everywhere.” Mars rovers probably feel the same way. The European Space Agency, or ESA, has designed its ExoMars rover to tackle the Martian sand problem. A new video shows how.

Rosalind Franklin Rover (How did he get his name here?) Starting in 2022. There is one in it. Twins that are used for testing. Find out how the Mars rover will react and perform on the red planet. The video shows a stunt double rover with its front wheels stuck in the sand. It uses a clever way to get away from the wheel.

The ESA said in a statement on Friday that “like the movement of the legs, the movement of the actuators (legs) deployed in the wheel moves along the rotation of the wheels without slipping,” the ESA said in a statement on Friday. Said “This movement gives very good traction in mounds like soft soil and high slopes.”

Doppel Ganger rover tests sand on Mars terrain simulator at Thales Alenia space facilities in Italy. The rover team also tested the machine’s capabilities. To drill deep into Mars As it traces the symptoms of past and present microbial life.

Sand nets are a real threat to rovers on Mars. NASA’s Spirit Rover Caught in the sand in 2009 and never released. The Overture Rover – which eventually became the victim of a dust storm – spent more than a month stranded in the sand in 2005.

If Rosalind Franklin launches as expected, it will reach Mars by mid-2023 and test its travel capabilities on the hard regions of Mars. Luc Joudrier, operations manager for ExoMars Rover, said: “We hope we will never have to walk on Mars to avoid a dangerous sand trap, but we need to Glad to have the functionality. “

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