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Scottsdale woman goes viral for coughing on masked shoppers at a Nebraska grocery store

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viral Video A woman intentionally coughs on masked shoppers at a Nebraska grocery store while laughing and calls them “sheep.” Her local angle is perhaps not entirely surprising: The woman appears to be from Scottsdale.

It took amateur investigators only a few days to identify the woman as Janine Huskowicz – a longtime Scottsdale resident, at least according to her social media.

In the video, which was first posted Sunday on Reddit, Huskowicz approaches a mother and daughter in the production department of Super Saver. The two were wearing masks (Lincoln, Nebraska, where the store is located, has a citywide mask mandate in place). You chase after them, tease them about their masks and cough heavily.

She told them, “You are like these sheep.”

When another shopper asks why she isn’t wearing a mask, she answers, “I’m not sick and neither are you.”

Per original Reddit MailHuskovic circled the mother and daughter around the store until they left, despite attempts to intervene by store employees. The woman wrote in her letter that it was a “weird and strange” experience.

“There were many other people wearing masks around, but for some reason she chose to touch me and my baby,” she wrote.

Their video of the incident quickly garnered millions of views on TikTok and Twitter, a new addition to the really strong Type Videos of people harassing mask wearers by coughing on them.

The video also caught the attention of online activists who used to identify right-wingers in such videos: Danesh, known for his handle “thatdaneshguy”, and TikTok user “Guilt”. The two spent hours sifting through the profiles and activity of anti-mask groups in Nebraska on Facebook. Eventually, they found Huskovich’s profile, and then linked her to Arizona.

“He was definitely on the easier end of the guys we found,” Guilt said. the new era.

The two posted her name on Tuesday night, and by Wednesday morning the hashtag was trending.

According to Hoskovec’s LinkedIn page, she currently works for Tempe at the Arizona branch of SAP, a German software company.

On Wednesday morning, SAP posted a brief statement on Twitter, apparently referring to the incident:

“The health and safety of our employees and the communities in which we live and work is a matter of grave concern to us,” states the book. “We are taking the matter of the SAP employee incident very seriously and are investigating the situation.”

when the new era A SAP spokesperson asked about Hoskovec, said the company had no other comment other than the Twitter post and declined to answer any questions. It remains unclear whether Huskovic has been charged with the incident (others harassed mask wearers by coughing). They spent time in prison).

Huskowicz did not respond the new eraComment requests.

Update: succulents He says She is no longer with the company as of Wednesday.


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