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brake alert: The story includes details about tonight’s premiere of the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy.

except: Scott SpeedmanOne of the most popular guest stars in instinct anatomy History, join the cast ABCThe esteemed medical drama as a series regular for its upcoming 18th season. Speedman has just appeared for the first time in instinct anatomy The season premiere as the surprise reveal of “someone from Meredith’s past is coming back,” ABC premiered in promotions for the premiere Thursday. (You can see it below.)

where instinct anatomy Alumna Kate Walsh will reprise her role as Addison in multiple episodes this upcoming season (as a deadline revealed earlier this month), many fans assumed the excitement was a signal for her return to the show. But really, that “person from Meredith’s past” was Nick Marsh from Speedman. For the story behind the notable cast addition, read Deadline’s exclusive interview with Speedman and instinct anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff, which will be published after the East Coast premiere airs. (Update: you can read it Here.)

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to Marsh during a trip to Minnesota, she was invited by neurosurgeon David Hamilton (performed by frequent guest star Peter Gallagher) to attend a research library dedication party to her mother.

The site was proof that Speedman’s Nick Marsh was a Mayo Clinic transplant surgeon when he was introduced in the “One Day Like This” episode of season 14 of ashen. Nick’s career was inspired by his mother, who died when he was 15 of heart failure while waiting for a heart transplant, and he also cared for his teenage niece at the time.


Nick received a liver transplant himself, and was treated for Gray Sloan when he collapsed while visiting the hospital to restore a patient’s liver. It was Meredith’s quick thinking that led to the discovery of a life-threatening clot that she surgically removed, saving Nick’s kidney – and most likely his life.

It was Speedman’s instant chemistry with Pompeo ashen Fans were outraged when sparks flew between Nick and Meredith and she admitted that he made her feel things she hasn’t felt since Derek (Patrick Dempsey) died.

The impact of Speedman’s guest position in March 2018 was so great, fans were convinced that he would be joining the show full-time in the fifteenth season. ashen Looks like he left TNT drama animal kingdomWhere was the male commander. but in Felicity Panel for 20 Years Reunion In July 2018, Speedman dashed fans’ hopes by revealing that he won’t be returning to the ABC series.

This changed last summer. in a Interview with deadlineSpeedman and Vernoff revealed how it was brought back as the only new series regular for next season 18, how long it might stay stuck in, and the great lengths the show went to in order to keep its access secret, which Meredith thought and based the Nick and Nick reunion scene on what the couple had in store The two new ones and whether a potential love triangle with Cormac Hayes is looming. Vernoff also touches on two other major developments in the eighteenth season opening.

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The addition of a big name like Speedman as a new and interesting series with the regular and fresh love of Pompeo Meredith, as well as the return of Walsh, could invigorate instinct anatomy Following the exits of series regulars Jesse Williams, Greg German and Giacomo Giannitti last season, series producers ABC and Pompeo will soon face the annual decision whether to extend or end the hugely successful series.

The instinct anatomy The mission was Speedman The first and only guest starring appearance since the beginning of his acting career. Mainly focused on features, he’s had three major series so far Felicity, the last resort, the animal kingdom And a recurring arc in the upcoming third season of You are. It is currently being seen in the movie Best sellers, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. Its upcoming features include sharp stick And future crimes.

Speedman is represented by the CAA.

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