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Nicola Sturgeon says Wells: ‘vomiting SNP pledges’

The head of the ALBA party warned his successor as first minister against any “betrayal” of Scotland’s North Sea oil workers. Ms. Sturgeon agreed to a cooperation agreement with the Green Party to form the government.

This gives it an absolute majority in Holyrood, in exchange for the Greens getting two cabinet positions.

The deal will go into effect if Green Party members approve it on Saturday.

But Mr Salmond, prime minister from 2007 to 2014, warned the SNP against abandoning the North Sea oil industry.

The Greens are vehemently opposed to any new drilling, even though oil plays a major role in the SNP’s 2014 independence bid.

Alex Salmond accuses Nicola Sturgeon of ‘masking student politics as coalition building’ (Image: Getty)


The Scottish National Party has agreed to a deal to enter government with the Greens (Image: Getty)

Mr Salmond admitted that climate change is “the biggest issue the world has to face”.

But he added: “The future of the North Sea, the societies it benefits from, the jobs it supports and Scotland’s economic advantage deserve more serious consideration than what currently appears to be student policy masquerading as coalition building.

“It is entirely possible to reconcile hydrocarbon development with a zero-carbon future, just as it is possible to remove carbon from transportation without stopping the construction of essential roads.

“If I had put the government in the hands of the Greens, there would currently be neither the Forth Crossing nor the Aberdeen West Peripheral Road.

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“Abandoning the North Sea is a betrayal of the workforce” (Image: Getty)

“Abandoning the North Sea would be a betrayal of the workforce and would be used by opponents to harm the cause of independence that for many decades focused on the development of our country’s vast natural resources.”

Ms Sturgeon urged the British government to “re-evaluate” the licenses granted to oil fields that are not yet exploited.

However, the call to abolish the Campo field near the Shetland Islands, as the Greens demand, was expressly rejected.

The Scottish National Party lost one seat to a majority of Holyrood in the Scottish Parliament elections in May.

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Sturgeon has explicitly rejected the call for the Campo field to be abolished (Image: Getty)


North Sea oil was a key part of the SNP independence cause in 2014 (Image: Getty)

Salmond’s ALBA party failed to secure any seats.

An alliance with the pro-independence Green Party would strengthen their case for a second referendum on leaving the UK.

However, it also raises complications, as oil played a major role in the SNP’s economic case for independence in 2014.

Speaking to the Daily Record, a Scottish Green Party spokesman responded to Mr Salmond.


If Scotland leaves the UK, it could mean a difficult border with England (Photo: EXPRESS)

They said: ‘It has only been three months since the people of Scotland, Alex Salmond and his group of misfit politicians, have sent packets to the polls.

“As a result of our record election results, members of the Scottish Green Party will have the opportunity to build a brighter future for Scotland by voting on a transformative cooperation agreement this weekend.”

A representative of the SNP commented: “The SNP is fully committed to a fair transition to net-zero so that no industry or community is left behind and our proposed relationship with the Green Party does not change that.”

Britain is hosting the UN Climate Conference COP26 this year in Glasgow.


Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom in 2014 (Image: Getty)

Scottish Conservatives accused Ms Sturgeon of forming an “Anarchy Alliance”.

They tweeted: “The SNP-Green Chaos Alliance is not focused on Covid recovery, improving education standards, the drug mortality crisis or even climate change.

“All they care about is trying to divide Scotland by pushing for another referendum.”

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