Sausage Wars: EU is reported to lift ban on British soldiers to facilitate Northern Ireland talks

The I The ban is expected to be lifted sausage Made in Britain sold in northern Ireland As part of proposals to improve postBritain’s exit from the European Union Trade arrangements, with plans to “significantly” reduce the level of checks on merchandise, according to reports.

European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic announced this week that the European Union is preparing to put forward “far-reaching proposals” aimed at reducing trade friction related to the Irish Sea.

It was reported that Mr. Sefcovic will present four papers on Wednesday to improve Northern Ireland Protocol, with measures to address the availability of UK approved medicines and inspections of meat, dairy and plants.

The proposals are expected to include exempting the “national identity” of British sausages from EU rules on prepared meats, according to the Watchmanto end a long-running dispute between Brussels and the UK government.

Senior EU sources also told Euronews on Friday that the commission was preparing to announce an “ad hoc” arrangement for Northern Ireland, which remains in the bloc’s single market for goods, to prevent a difficult land border with Ireland.

“Obviously we can’t get rid of all the checks. We need to protect the single market, so the monitoring will still be in place but we hope to simplify a lot of this,” a source told the News Network.

Boris Johnson He previously said he would do “whatever it takes” to stop the ban on the export of sausages and other meat products from mainland Britain, suggesting he might try to suspend protocol on the issue.

Reports came on Friday as Ireland’s prime minister Michael Martin He insisted that the UK and the EU were in “resolution mode” on problems arising from post-Brexit trade arrangements.

Mr Martin was in Belfast for talks with Northern Ireland’s political leaders on the implementation of the protocol, which he said was of “real interest” to people.

“They need a solution,” the Irish leader told reporters, adding that Mr Sefcovic was “really applying himself” to the matter.

“I have no doubt that the European Union is in the process of developing a solution and will make proposals regarding this issue.”

He added: “The UK government is indicating that they are focused on a solution as well.

“So there is a window of opportunity over the next six weeks to two months to try and resolve these issues to everyone’s satisfaction, so that we can get the protocol to work operatively for the benefit of the people of Northern Ireland.”

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