Sauber boss opens up about controversies that led to resignation

Picci has been an important figure at Sauber in recent years, playing a key role in saving the team in 2016 when it was sold to investors Longbow Finance.

He remained on the board as Chairman of Sauber Holdings working closely with the Islero Investments Consortium of Entrepreneurs headed by Finn Rausing, rebranding under Alfa Romeo nickname.

But ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, Pique surprised the team when he announced that he was resigning.

Speaking for the first time about the decision, which has not been widely publicized, Picci says that while he maintains his faith in the team’s owners, he hasn’t taken Vasseur head-on.

“I don’t want to be associated with Fred Wasser management in the future,” he told Italian Edition from

While Picci declined to go into detail about the specific issues that divided them, he made it clear that choosing drivers for the future was central to what happened.

Sauber recently signed F2 number one runner Guanyu Zhou to be his teammate Valtteri Bottas In 2022, the Chinese driver opened several business opportunities for the team.

While Picci has nothing against Zhou, the team selection in 2022 marks a departure from the previous close alliance the team had with him. Ferrari As part of its Alfa Romeo association, and led to the existence of Antonio Giovinazzi over the past three years.

“The way the drivers were chosen was one of the points that broke the table between me and the current management,” Picci explained.

He added, “I’m sorry that Antonio is no longer here, and I’m glad Zhou has arrived. I’ve known the Chinese young man and his family too since we wanted to take him to the Sauber Driver Academy, as well as [evaluate] The business opportunities he can unlock.”

But while unhappy with the driver’s attitude, Picci says he maintains his full faith in Sauber’s owners, who recently reiterated their commitment to the team following talks with Michael Andretti about a purchase.

Speaking about why the owners are considering the sale, Beshi said: “What happened at the Belgian Grand Prix is ​​still an open wound.

After running three laps without racing behind the safety car is allowed Williams To earn points that took away almost any chance of regaining their place in the constructors’ championship. The spa was an important turning point for us: it was one of the main reasons we gave up Formula 1 and sold. “

Andretti’s talks eventually broke down because the Sauber owners didn’t want to give up complete control of the team, and Picci believes Rausing is doing the right thing for the future.

“He is free to make choices, represents the shareholders and is a reliable person who puts all his passion and energy into it,” he said.

“I have been placed in the minority and have come to my conclusions. Finn remains as trustworthy to me as the other people who represent the company. Without hesitation, I sincerely wish the best for the entire team.”

“I am calm about the future of the team because the team owners are very passionate and motivated people, and their number one priority is to protect the employees who make up the team.

“My resignation, therefore, should in no way become a concern for Sauber employees. I am sure of this.”

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