A Satechi On the Go adapter with an SD card and two USB flash drives plugged in.

Laptops with USB-C ports are great if all your things are compatible with USB-C. But what if they aren’t? Or what if you need to plug in more accessories than you have ports? That’s what Satechi’s latest $99 Multiport Adapter hopes to solve, thanks to a plethora of ports, slots, and power options. And if you buy it today, you can get 20% off.

While it’s not Satechi’s most portable adapter ever, you can connect nearly anything you can dream of through it. The On-the-Go Adapter features built-in USB-C PD charging (up to 100W), Gigabit Ethernet, a USB-C data port, two USB-A data ports, a MicroSD and SD card reader slot (yes, both).

A Satechi On the Go drive with VGA, USB-C, flash drives, and SD cars laying next to it.

And it has your video needs covered, too, thanks to its HDMI port. Or if you need something more old-school, you can use its VGA port. More importantly, the HDMI port can net you 4K and up to 60 Hz, while the VGA can manage 1080p at 60 Hz.

Satechi thinks you’ll use the adapter while traveling and at home, and so included two connection cables. One is a short cable that tucks into the adapter for easy storage, while the other is a three-foot cable so you can place the adapter nearly anywhere you need on your desk.

You can grab the the $99 Satechi USB-C On the Go Adapter from either the Satechi site or Amazon today. And right now through March 15, you can use coupon code MULTIPORT20 at either website during checkout to get 20% off the price. That brings the price down to $80, an even better deal for a travel adapter that can manage a 4K 60 Hz HDMI connection.

A portable everything in one adapter

Satechi USB-C On-The-Go Multiport Adapter

Do you need to plug in all your stuff but don’t have the ports to do it? This multiport adapter comes with built-in USB-C PD charging, Gigabit Ethernet, a USB-C data port, two USB-A data ports, a MicroSD card reader slot and an SD slot, a 4K HDMI ports and a VGA port.

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