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Santa Cruz County orders mask-wearing indoors in private homes

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a California county is asking residents hosting friends for the holidays to wear masks in their homes.

An order issued last week by Santa Cruz County Health Officer Dr. Jill Newell, to reauthorize the county’s indoor mask in response to a spike in novel coronavirus cases.

The condition went into effect on Monday.

The request included an exception for family members, but stressed that “masks must be worn in private places, including your home, in the event that members from outside the family are present.”

Dr. said. Newell In a statement on Friday. “As we look forward to spending time with those we love during the holidays, it is important to protect vulnerable friends and family members by wearing a mask indoors.”

The rule, which applies to residents regardless of vaccination status, allows individuals to remove their masks “when they are performing an activity that cannot be done while wearing a face covering,” such as eating or drinking.

The order asks the mayor, police chiefs and law enforcement officers to “ensure compliance and enforcement of this order,” adding that violations are punishable by “a fine, imprisonment, or both.”

Santa Cruz lifted the previous mask on September 29, but Dr. Newell said in she has Cases are up 29% in the last 14 days.

“To help ensure compliance, all businesses and government agencies should require employees to wear masks and to place clearly visible and easy-to-read signs at all entry points to indoor settings to inform the public of mask requirements,” the county press release said. “Those who work in a closed room or office alone or with their family members do not have to wear a mask.”

California is notorious for enforcing some strict states regarding pandemic masks. The state currently requires face coverings on public transportation, health care facilities and K-12 boarding schools, and masks for unvaccinated people in stores, restaurants and other indoor public places.