Sandra Bullock talks about partnering and parenting in ‘Red Table Talk’

actress Talking to Show co-hosts Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrian Banfield-Norris on how her partner, Brian Randall, was not involved in adopting her two children, but was very supportive.

Bullock was already a mother to son Louis, now 11, when she met Brandal, the photographer, and adopted daughter Lily, 8, without him being involved, she said.

She said, “I had Louis first. And then when I met Randall, I was like, ‘We haven’t been together for long.’ I go, ‘Do you remember the nondisclosure agreement I signed when I photographed my son?'” He was like, ‘Yeah.’ He’s still scared, his whole life has fallen apart because of me, and I said, ‘You know, that’s still there.’ And he’d say, “Yeah, well, well, well, why?” And I was like, “Because I bring a kid home when I get back from Toronto.” He said, “Sorry, what?” “

The “Bird Box” star said Randall was “very happy but was afraid” and added that she was a “bulleter” in terms of doing what she wanted.

She described him as “very patient. A saint. He has evolved on a non-human level.”

“It’s the example I want my children to have,” Bullock said. “I have a very Christian partner. And so, there are two very different ways of looking at things. And I don’t always agree with him.”

“He doesn’t always agree with me,” she added. “But he’s an example even when I don’t agree with him that I’m going with, ‘If they can do without that, and if that’s where they feel drawn to, it’s the perfect fit parent. “

Bullock has also spoken out about raising children of a different sex, saying that she wishes she “matched our skins.”

“Because that would be easier in terms of how people treat us,” she said. “It’s our anxiety. It’s our fear.” “It’s our cross to bear the moment you become a mother. And I have the same feelings as a brown woman with being her children or a white woman with white children, you know.”


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