Sandbird Leverage AI adds a FAQ chat bot to its customer support platform.

Sandbird, a mobile communications services provider, has added a new FAQ chatbot to the company’s Sandbird desk. Platform To configure embedded live chat support. Taking advantage of this new product, users can offload quick questions. To do, Releasing agents directly for more in-depth assistance.

Reach out to Sendbird to discuss what this means for programmableWeb developers.

Sandbird’s Head of Product Shailesh Nalwari says, “Sandbird’s clients make it easy for SDK developers to seamlessly incorporate the customer support experience into an existing brand experience on a mobile app or website. ” “With our new FAQ boot, Sandbird has expanded the use of support that apps and brands can offer to their end users.”

In addition to releasing customer support agents, a new release. Resource Available via Sendbird. API It has promised to facilitate the integration of the application, which would otherwise tax development resources. Developers can now avoid relying on separate chat bots. Integration Or in-house solutions to provide this type of functionality.

John Kim, co-founder and CEO of Sandbird, summed up the value of the new addition:

“Our FAQ Boot helps customers balance the need to automate some customer conversations in order to humanize other customers’ conversations with a live person. By adding this feature to the sandbird desk. While our customers increase the quality and focus of customer interaction with agents directly, the bot can further automate the response to basic inquiries.

Interested developers can learn more about this feature on the company’s customer support page.

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