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San Diego police, vaccine state firefighters protest protest attracts crowd

SAN DIEGO – Hundreds of protesters gathered with firefighters and police officers opposing City Vaccine State to first responders Friday, saying they would quit their jobs rather than get the shot.

“These officers want to stay with this wonderful police department to continue protecting and serving you, but they can only do that with your help. So, I ask you: Please rise, use your voice and stand with these officers,” San Diego Police Sgt. Matt Randolph said at the event.

Encinitas also made it clear that first responders receive the vaccine, but some firefighters refuse to do so.

“I’m going for a walk; I don’t get vaccinated. No way, that’s a decision I sit with my family, and we made that decision as a group. My family doesn’t want to be vaccinated, and we believe that,” said Jim Mickelson, a battalion chief from the Encinitas Fire Department.

The crowd called on the mayor of San Diego to rescind the mandate or at least postpone the deadline from December 1. Mayor Todd Gloria issued this statement regarding the protest:

“We continue to meet and consult with our recognized employee organizations on how to manage our unvaccinated employees. The City has a responsibility to protect our employees and members of the public who interact with them regularly. The health and well-being of the public and our employees outweighs any temporary employment issues. Vaccines are safe, effective, free and widely available. I salute more of the 80% of San Diego County residents who have been vaccinated so far and I encourage everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated so we can end this pandemic.”

More information about vaccine safety is available from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.