Samsung’s TV block feature can remotely disable stolen televisions around the world – take a look at Jack.


This week we learned that Samsung can remotely deactivate any of its TVs around the world. The company confirmed the details of its “TV block” technology when an unknown number of Samsung televisions were stolen from a distribution center in Kova Zulu Natal, South Africa.

While it makes sense to disable stolen devices, you’ll be surprised to learn that they can do it anywhere. It seems that any Samsung TV with Wi-Fi or Internet, anywhere in the world, can be disabled at the moment’s notice by the manufacturer.

Samsung says the technology is already pre-loaded on all Samsung TV products and ensures that television sets can only be used by the right owners with valid proof of purchase. When a TV is confirmed to be stolen, Samsung can log in to the TV’s serial number. Then, the serial number is automatically checked when a TV is connected to the Internet (required for setup). If it is in the list, “Blocking system is enabled, disabling all television functions.”

The news came as Samsung turned on the feature on all TVs stolen from South Africa and rendered it useless. However, we are not sure if this feature is only for large amounts of theft or if it is something that regular users can take advantage of.

Either way, it’s clear that Samsung is taking proactive steps to deal with such situations. But, at the same time, some owners may not like Samsung’s idea of ​​connecting to their TV at any moment.

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