Samsung will announce new foldables on the TechFolk on August 11

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Samsung will announce new foldables on the TechFolk on August 11

Samsung has just sent out invitations for its next unpacked event. There are companies that want to be secretive in their invitations – and then there is Samsung. The note features the big, bold words “get ready to reveal” and features a pair of flat-colored objects that can be said to be based on galaxy z-fold and flip shape factors, respectively. Are similar

Over the past year and a half, the event will be held in practice on Wednesday, August 11, keeping in mind the general state of the world. Interestingly, the company is also opening in its next flagship locations. And the springs are gone. Compensation for the initial pre-order includes “12 free months of Samsung Care +, an additional $ 200 trade-in credit and special pre-order offer.”

But honestly, it’s usually best to wait until you really see something and maybe even read a couple of reviews.

There is a lot to unpack before the event. First, I’m probably not alone in hoping that the company will focus its next big event on the upcoming Galaxy Watch. The big event at MWC was somewhat distorted (not contradictory to MWC itself), offering more information about future wearable partnerships with Google in exchange for any hardware announcements.

As the company notes at the time, “The upcoming One UI Watch will play with the first, new UI, as well as the upcoming Samsung / Google platform at an upcoming unpacked event later this summer.”

There seems to be a reasonable possibility that this will be the event where it will happen, even if the new watch does not receive top billing. For one thing, we’re going through the summer. In other words, rumors have surfaced that the new Galaxy Watch will be released in late August (27)Th) Release.

All told, it could be a big summer event for the company, and it covered the trend of mixing devices with each other on virtual inventions. The word on the road is that we have a Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy S21 FE (“Fan Edition” – basically the latest version of the company’s budget flagship) and even You can see the Galaxy Bud Pro. Which will compete directly with the AirPods Pro (which is getting a little longer in the teeth).

What is missing in all this? No point if you say note. Samsung’s well-loved phablet is reportedly not coming this year, due to a lack of chips in the industry. This will greatly affect Samsung’s six-month cycle, although we will see that this work ends soon.

August 11Th The event will begin at 10 a.m. ET / 7AM PT.

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