Samsung unveils Galaxy ZFold and ZFlip at unpacked event on August 11

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Samsung unveils Galaxy ZFold and ZFlip at unpacked event on August 11

Samsung has officially announced when it will hold its next unpacked product event: August 11 at 10 a.m. ET / 7AM PT. The next version of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 is expected to be announced – both of which have already leaked a bit. Samsung is not embarrassed by these expectations, as a brief look at its invitation reveals the outline of both devices.

Samsung is also expected to announce new Galaxy watches, the first to use the new shared wear platform announced at Google I / O earlier this year.

Samsung is practically hosting the event on its website once again, and has promised to post more details directly in the series. It also maintains another Samsung trend: making it “the next big flagship” by giving customers a “reserve” even before it is officially announced. Samsung says it will offer “increased business growth and 12-month Samsung Care + at a discounted rate” for initial concerns.

According to photos leaked by Ivan Blas, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is very similar to the current version of the Folding phone. The biggest upgrade will apparently be compatible with Samsung’s KS Pen Styles. Samsung itself is telegraphing that it will now add stylus support to the fold line for a long time.

Image: Ivan Blas / Twitter (Tweet is now deleted)

As far as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is concerned, the biggest update could be the exterior, where Samsung will replace a very small screen with a slightly larger but still quite small screen.

Samsung has done a better job with stability on its folding devices as it has switched to using “ultra-thin glass” under the plastic sheet for these displays. However, screens are still more delicate than regular smartphone screens. If Samsung intends to encourage consumers to throw Z-Fold 3 screens with a plastic rod, this folding screen will need to become more durable.

While this is unlikely to result in top billing, the new Galaxy Smart Watch is likely to be a much bigger change than the recurring updates to the folding phones. This is because it will be the first Samsung smartwatch to run Google’s first operating system in half a decade. Samsung has been using its own OS-based OS on smartwatches, which had advantages over Google’s wearable OS but does not have an usable app library. Now that the two operating systems have been merged, it will be the first fact in this upcoming Samsung watch that the new wearable operating system really works.

We expect the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to be announced with both a rotating bezel and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 without any multi-colors.

It is always possible to have more on the tap. Samsung’s Galaxy Bud lineup could also be due to a new model. We’ll know for sure when Samsung launches on August 11th.

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