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Samsung Electronics has announced that it has developed its own comprehensive VoNR (Voice over New Radio) solution for 5G voice call service, available to global mobile device manufacturers and network providers. With a comprehensive VoNR solution, Samsung offers more streamlined SOC development and 5G VoNR service deployment.

VoNR technology supports both voice calls and data services using 5G networks, while the current 5G network approach is converted to 4G networks when making voice calls. Without the need for switching between networks, VoNR provides more opportunity for faster call times while maintaining connection in voice calls. Users can enjoy the real speed of 5G while playing high performance games or streaming high quality videos while on call.

Samsung’s VoNR solutions include key technologies such as IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), quality of service (QoS), and delivery.

Exynos chip, which implemented a comprehensive VoNR solution.

IMS is the key technology for VoNR that enables all multimedia services – such as audio, video, and broad data services – within a single IP (Internet Protocol) network. Samsung’s 5G NR (new radio) communication protocol stack for IMS used in 4G voice calls (VoLTE) is also designed for stable compatibility with VoNR services. A protocol stack is a collection of software layers that implements the communication protocols required for different devices to communicate data with each other.

Samsung has also developed QoS, which provides stable support for 5G VoNR, and technology that enables uninterrupted delivery between nearby network base stations. Analyzes data flow using the QoS network and determines the priority of services in real time. Furthermore, Samsung’s protocol stack prioritizes voice calls anytime, anywhere, thus improving the quality of VoNR.

“As the number of 5G smartphone users grows, so does the demand for various 5G technologies and services,” said Jonghan Kim, vice president of systems LSI Business at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to provide next-generation mobile communication technologies, including VoNR service support, which will rapidly consolidate customers.”

Samsung’s spectacular journey in 5G includes the launch of the Exynos Modem 5100 in 2018, the industry’s first multi-mode chip that is fully compliant with the 5G telecommunications standard (5G NR Release-15). This momentum continued in January this year, with the launch of the Exynos 2100, Samsung’s first premium mobile SOC with an integrated 5G modem.

To be part of and accelerate the industry’s first commercial VoNR deployment in Singapore in July, Samsung is currently providing its mobile 5G VoNR-integrated solution to global mobile device manufacturers, while deploying VoNR with global network companies. Testing centralized localization and automation. .

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