Samsung Galaxy A21 “Burns Out of Recognition” on Alaska Airlines Flight – Check out Jack.

Alaska Airlines

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A smartphone battery caught fire in the flight cabin of an Alaska airline after the plane landed in Seattle. According to Port of Seattle spokeswoman Perry Cooper, the phone has been “burned out of recognition”, although its owner claims it was once a Samsung Galaxy A21.

As reported. Seattle Times, Alaska Airlines Flight 751 crew used firefighting equipment and battery containers to put out the blaze. Still, it created so much smoke that passengers had to flee through evacuation slides.

Maddie Harrison, a passenger on the flight, compared the fire to oneSmoke making machineIn a Twitter post, he also suggested that a person sitting near a fire suffer “minor injuries”, which makes sense, as lithium-ion battery fires are often quite violent (and very, very smoky). ۔

Although the owner of the shiny phone claims that the Galaxy A21 is at fault, law enforcement, Port of Seattle, Alaska Airlines or Samsung have not confirmed it. The phone is badly damaged for proper identification. Samsung did not comment on the incident.

Why does a smartphone catch fire? Well, bad or poorly manufactured batteries are almost always responsible. Your phone may not catch fire, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk.

Source: Seattle Times via The Verge.

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