Samsung can remotely disable your smart TV.

Samsung has suddenly released a feature that allows the company to remotely deactivate stolen TVs. The company calls it the “Television Block Function” and Samsung recently activated it after a TV was stolen from a warehouse in South Africa.

Last month, a Samsung warehouse was looted during a wave of protests in South Africa, disabling them. It is important to note that you must be connected to the Internet to disable TV.

When the TV connects to the Internet, the serial code is checked against Samsung’s list of servers. If there are any similarities, the feature disables all functionality of the TV, making it useless for thieves.

Samsung claims that the feature is “pre-loaded on all Samsung TV products” and that it “ensures that the television set can only be used by the right owners with the correct proof of purchase.” I am. “

In a case like this, where TVs are stolen from Samsung’s warehouse, it is very easy for the company to know the serial number. On the other hand, if they were stolen from a shop or a person’s house, it would be very difficult to know the number which would cause the TV to be locked.

The company did not specify if the feature was only used for such large-scale looting or if a user would contact Samsung to turn on the “television block function” to disable their TV. can do. Of course, the user will need to know the serial number of their TV, which most people may not know.

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