Sajid Javid says the UK government will do nothing to help Cardiff and Crimson return from South Africa

Health Minister Sajid Javid said the UK government would do nothing to help Cardiff and Scarlet return from South Africa.

The two Wales, who have been in the country for two rounds of United Rugby Championship matches, are looking forward to getting home as soon as possible.

This follows the Westminster Government’s decision to add South Africa to the Covid Red List from 12 noon today due to a worrying new variable.

Anyone arriving in the UK from this country after 4am on Sunday will have to self-quarantine in a hotel for 10 days, while returnees before that are required to isolate at home.

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Ruth Jones, Labor MP for Newport West, has raised the predicament that Cardiff and Crimson face with Javid in the House of Commons today.

She said, “What help did you give them to get them home before the deadline?”

Mr Javid replied: “I understand whether it’s the sports teams or the thousands of British and other tourists who currently find themselves in South Africa, Botswana and these countries.

“This is very difficult news but I hope they will understand. In fact, I received messages today from people in South Africa that have made their lives even more difficult to go home, but they fully understand and support the action that has been taken.”

He added: “As for her own question about the team and what can be done to try to get him back before that deadline…nothing.

“We won’t do anything to help them get back before that deadline because I think for anyone who is in South Africa, the best thing to do is come back and, after 4am on Sunday, go into hotel quarantine.”


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