Sajid Javid ‘relaxed’ on July 19 Freedom Day despite increase in Covid cases

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Sajid Javid ‘relaxed’ on July 19 Freedom Day despite increase in Covid cases

aOn the last day of Javier Filca’s life, his wife stood outside a hospital window with a teddy bear, red balloons and a box of chocolates to celebrate his birthday, and held a giant handwritten banner that read: “Don’t give up. You are the best man in the world.”

Minutes later, Filca, a 43-year-old radio journalist, jumped to his death – the fifth suicide of a Covid-19 patient at Peru’s crowded Honorio Delgado hospital since the pandemic began.

Failaka has become another symbol of the despair caused by the coronavirus and the stark disparities the virus has exposed on its way to a worldwide death toll of 4 million, a milestone that Johns Hopkins University recorded Wednesday.

At the hospital where Failaka died on June 24, one doctor and three nurses were frantically rushing to treat 80 patients in an overcrowded makeshift ward amid a severe shortage of oxygen bottles.

“He promised me he would work,” said Nohemie Hunaccher, weeping on her husband’s coffin on the outskirts of Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city. “But I never saw him again.”

In a sign of hope, more than six months after vaccines became available, reported Covid-19 deaths worldwide have fallen to about 7,800 per day, after exceeding 18,000 per day in January. Last week, the World Health Organization recorded its lowest weekly total since last October.


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