SAE International partners with Blockchain startups to shape the digital future of the global aviation industry

A multi-year collaborative agreement with SkyThread to enhance aviation safety and supply chain reliability and unlock value by optimizing the data flow between aviation transactions.

Warendale, Pennsylvania.And October 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – SAE International Today I announce a collaborative partnership with Sky Thread, a DelawareBlockchain-based startup as an enabling technology to track the flight of an aviation asset from entry into service to sale, modification, transfer, transfer, re-delivery and final decommissioning.

As part of the partnership with SkyThread, SAE will launch new initiatives and services aimed at improving safety and reliability while releasing billions of dollars annually in currently unrealized global industry values, exceeding previous pandemic performance levels.

“We are excited to partner with SkyThread to collaboratively support the digital transformation of the aviation industry and help uncover new opportunities for safety and efficiencies,” Raman VenkateshCOO of SAE International and President of SAE Global LLC. “In pursuit of its mission, SAE is uniquely positioned to combine more than a century of consensus building with the accelerated transformation of aviation toward a global digital ecosystem, where an equitable distribution of value is key.”

The aviation industry currently uses manual processes and legacy information systems that are highly fragmented, which can affect the quality and timeliness of data flows, even for information on the same part of an aircraft or aircraft. This leads to inefficiencies across many aircraft events, maintenance, repair, maintenance and after sales transactions. It is also influenced by the perceived risks in data sharing as well as the lack of monetization and value distribution being created in and across the ecosystem.

“SkyThread’s blockchain-enabled data network, combined with industry-leading validation, makes records and authentication data permanent and immutable,” he said. Mark RoboffCEO of SkyThread. “Confidence that spare parts are genuine, and that maintenance and operating records are authentic cannot be overstated. Confidence in aircraft safety is everything in this industry.”

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About SkyThread
SkyThread is a blockchain-enabled data network provider focused on enabling commercial aviation stakeholders to unlock billions of value by accelerating error-free data exchange between participants. The company has developed a trustworthy standardized log system coupled with industry-leading validation logic that makes data permanent and immutable. We call this validation “Aircraft Age Data”. The system is compatible with existing legacy IT systems and does not require any capital investment from aviation stakeholders such as airlines, lessors, aircraft manufacturers, regulators, and suppliers. The data exchange rules are governed by the Aeronautical Independent Data Consortium, a neutral, consensus-driven consortium of diverse industry stakeholders, of which SkyThread is a member.

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