SA records second positive Covid case one day after borders opened

A Victorian girl visiting her grandparents here in South Australia has tested positive for Covid – the first case of Covid in South Australia since the border reopened.

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A young Victorian girl visits her grandparents residing in Adelaide, the first case of Covid-19 in South Australia since borders reopened amid warnings that the state faces “uncharted waters”.

The six-year-old, who has not shown any symptoms but is ineligible for a jab, drove from the small cross-border town of Nhill, about 80 kilometers east of South Australia, within hours of reopening to eastern states on Tuesday. .

SA’s Covid health chief said the girl only visited fully vaccinated grandparents in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, meaning there is a low risk of any public sites of exposure.

The Chief Public Health Officer, Professor Nicolas Spurrier, said earlier Advertised readers during live chat, it was “inevitable” that SA would suffer an outbreak but contact tracing would cease to dominate clusters.

She also hoped that vaccinations for children under the age of 12 would be approved before the start of the school year in 2022.

At an early press briefing late on Wednesday, Professor Spurier warned that the state was entering “uncharted waters” but urged people not to panic.

She added that the girl, who was in the early stages of her infection, was not considered community transmission.

“It’s not unexpectedly that we have a case of Covid here,” Prof Spurrier said, and said she had predicted the state’s first case would be of a child who would appear within hours of the border opening.

“I think she’s fine, but she’s probably feeling a little sad because she wasn’t able to get kisses and hugs.

“She’s back across the border…and hopefully when she recovers, she’ll come back here to see her relatives again.”

Infectious Disease Control Branch investigators are confident the family – the vaccinated mother and her brother, who was under 12 – only stopped once for a toilet break, but Professor Spurrier declined to say where due to the lack of a general threat.

The family, who were among more than 75,500 applications to travel to South Australia Since the fall of the border after 153 daysThey were quarantined at home in Victoria on Wednesday night.

The grandparents will also be isolated for the next seven days. It’s the first local case in six weeks. A Victorian man is considered another ancient infection.

Professor Spurier, who has allowed travelers to leave the quarantine they entered before borders reopened, wants at least 800 daily tests to be confident of Covid in SA.

She said the little girl arrived yesterday with her family when her mother received a text message from Victoria Health stating that the baby had been in close contact with a confirmed case in Victoria.

On the final leg of their 350-kilometre journey from western Victoria, the family was tested at Tailem Bend but traveled to Adelaide. Professor Spurrier said the mother had done nothing wrong.

“It’s nothing to worry about – everyone is now in quarantine and has been in contact with this case,” said Spurrier.

“What we need to remember is that we know what to do and we’ve already been through this before.

“We know what we did last year and have kept our safety. We now have the vaccination. I don’t think people should be worried.”

Professor Spurrier reported an increase in testing yesterday with nearly 7,000 Covid tests on Tuesday, compared to 4,698 on Monday – a level that has been consistent over the past six weeks.

Under legal directives, all travelers entering the state must undergo screening for 72 hours prior to travel, including children.

The latest Commonwealth data shows that 79 per cent of adults over 16 years of age have been fully vaccinated while 87.9 per cent have received their first dose.

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall said the authorities were ready.

“As Nicolas Spurier always said, ‘You can’t keep this disease out.’ But what we’ve tried to do is apply it on our own terms.

South Sudan’s borders reopened to eastern states on Tuesday, after 153 days. With Christmas fast approaching, the advertiser has compiled all the most up-to-date rules for travel between the various Australian states this Christmas period.


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