Ryder Cup: Harrington warns animosity to Kopka and Deschamps could inspire US | Ryder Cup

European Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington has warned of the mutual animosity between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeShampoo It could make the US rather than break it at Whistling Straits.

Koepka and DeChambeau have traded public blows for most of this year, providing an intriguing backdrop for next weekend’s visit of Team Harrington to the States. The PGA Tour had to intervene to warn the unruly spectators about prodding DeChambeau during the tournaments.

However, Harrington is concerned that the animosity between the world’s seventh- and ninth-ranked golfers will negatively affect US attempts to reclaim the trophy.

“When you have friction between players, you bring them into the team environment and you get over it, that’s actually a huge bonus to the team,” Harrington told the Guardian as part of an exclusive interview to be published on Saturday. “If I focus on the United States and have a thought ‘Hey, look, this is going to affect their atmosphere’ or something else, it could actually work in the opposite direction.

“So they [Koepka and DeChambeau] They work together and unite together, the team sees this and brings them together powerfully. Suddenly you get a raise from it. That’s why I don’t rely on it. as captain [of the US]I’ll see it’s something that can work in my favour. If you can convince these people to show unity, the rest of the team will follow. We can’t count on it.”

Harrington made a comparison of the situation between him and Sergio Garcia. Although they were long ago disbanded, the duo had known clashes earlier in their careers. Both formed part of the generally successful Europeans Ryder Cup difference. García was one of Harrington’s wildcard selections this time around.

“If it was my team, we would work on it,” Harrington added. “You could say that Sergio and I have had quite a bit of friction over the years, which we easily overcame in the Ryder Cup weeks. We will embrace the Ryder Cup.”

Koepka has been declared fit and available for the Ryder Cup after a wrist injury forced him to withdraw from his last event, the Tour Championship in East Lake.

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