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Ryan Reaves ‘Rangers’ avoids suspension due to wrongful injury

Ryan Reeves was a good fit for the NHL management’s definition of player safety for a “repetition offense,” having been suspended for two games during last season’s second round of playoffs with Vegas after receiving a penalty in the first game for kneeling on Ryan Reeves’ neck by pulling the hair of the Colorado defender.

There is a resume that also includes two suspensions and three fines issued by the league prior to the incident last spring, so it was certainly fair to wonder if the NHL would step in after the 75th penalty for an illegal strike by chief Andrew Mangyapan at 17:37 of the second period of Saturday 6’s defeat. -0 in Calgary.

The answer from Reeves himself: “No.”

“I wasn’t expecting it,” said the winger, who was chasing the disc from the lookout point when he called Mangiapane, Before Monday’s win 4-3 Above the leopards in the garden. “This is probably the first time in my career that I haven’t tried to hit the guy.”

Saturday’s match marked Reeves’ first game after he missed four with a lower body injury he sustained early in the first period of the club’s October 25 defeat at Garden to the Flames. Despite his inability to play, the winger joined his teammates on the bench in the last two periods of that competition.

Ryan Reeves
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“I love being there with the boys and being supportive,” Reeves said before tilting the park on Monday against Florida. “They had quite a bit of stiffness in their lineup and if something happened by chance and had to be answered, I would probably just stumble there and respond.

“Fortunately, nothing happened.”

Candre Miller looked like the mid-teens striker as he went from end to end in a roast and then converted defender Mackenzie Wiggard his way up the result to lead 3-0 in 12:48 of the second period.

Miller said he saw the possibilities as soon as he picked up the disc in front of his net with a “feet-footed” Wiggard. But he also said he did not expect this to become a staple in his evolving game.

“I’m just focused on keeping the puck out of my net for now,” he said.

Libor Hajek, who was a healthy scratch in the first 12 games, was sent to the AHL Wolf Pack for a conditioning job of up to 14 days. Rangers need your pilgrim’s approval to make this move.

Julien Gautier is back in the squad after being scratched for five consecutive competitions and seven of the previous eight competitions.


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