Ryan Heydrich proved he was up to Masabiqua’s mission

John Geller was transferring to college football in Western Connecticut after leading the Massapequa to the Nassau Conference I Championship in the spring. So after two seasons as a substitute, Ryan Heydrich was moving to QB1.

“I was nervous, but I was confident,” said the old man. “I worked really hard in the off-season.”

Heydrich held up fairly well, which is one of the big reasons Massapequa had to repeat last Friday night at the Shuart Stadium in Hofstra. He had to take on Team Oceanside which features the QB1 race with the most passes in Nassau history.

Charlie Mackie didn’t disappoint either. Oceanside Senior threw for 215 yards and two touchdowns and ran for 141 yards and two TDs against Massapequa. But he also did not win. Heydrich did, just as he did against Oceanside in October, when he threw for 224 yards, three points and ran for 45 and a touchdown—the decisive touchdown.

Heydrich’s numbers were more modest this time around: 78 passing yards, 56 rushing. But he threw a 16-yard touchdown pass at 4th and 12th and ran 6 yards to decide TD, taking Massapequa’s 21-point lead to 27 in a 35-26 win. That gave his team a 10-1 ticket to the Long Island Category One Championship game against Whitman 11-0 on Friday afternoon in Hofstra.

Mackie’s super talent has cast a very big shadow, but Heydrich was feeling super satisfied to win, go ahead and show once again that he’s very good at this too.

“I’ve been in university since the 10th grade, but I only played my last year,” he said. “Yes , [being overshadowed] might happen. He’s a player from hell. He’s committed to Stony Brook for a reason. But I think I proved myself [in the final]. I think I’ve proven what I can do.”

Heydrich has proven this time and time again. He completes approximately 64% of his passes, which are good for 2050 yards and 21 touchdowns. He shot for over 200 yards six times and once for over 300 yards.

“Ryan has just been fantastic,” coach Kevin Shippus said. “…He’s had the opportunity to learn from a great midfielder like John Geller. Ryan is a very smart, very, very smart cerebral midfielder. He makes great decisions, as we’ve seen. [last Friday]. He has a great arm. He can run well. And I know he’s very self-confident, as we are.”

Luke Ciolino isn’t surprised that his 6-3, 205-pound teammate has outgrown.

Ryan Heydrich worked behind John Geller last year, no one knew he was working hard during that [Giller] “The fact that he’s worked so hard off-season pays off in the big moments,” said the full-back/back-to-back.

Heydrich worked to improve football management. He carried for 689 yards and 11 touchdowns.

“My year in 10th and 11th grade, I couldn’t really run a ball,” he said. “…I thought I proved myself as a runner this year.”

Now he plans to take his talents in the middle to a college campus.

“I’ve spoken to two Division Is, IIs, a lot of IIIs,” Heydrich said. “So you will definitely see me playing somewhere.”

Massapequa football fans are about to see him play for their team for the last time — throwing and running in the direction of the Long Island title, he hopes.

“Certainly,” said Heydrich, “the task is not yet over.” “We didn’t win it [27] Years. So we can really make history this year, going backwards [in Nassau] and win [a Long Island title]. ”


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