Russia-Ukraine tensions: Johnson in Kiev for talks on threat of Russian invasion

This is a public display of support for a country caught in the crossfire between Russia and the West.

Taking a breather from his struggle for political survival at home, Boris Johnson is eager to display the country’s international spirit, counting on a warm welcome in cold Kiev.

The British government says it has trained more than 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers and is one of the main donors of “lethal aid”.

Boris Johnson has gone on with promises of more support, as the West attempts to resolve the crisis by escalating pressure on Russia.

This includes deterrence – military and economic – and diplomacy.

The prime minister’s spokesman said Johnson was “leading the international response”.

He is now scheduled to speak to President Putin tomorrow after the publication of a report on closing parties in Downing Street forced the postponement of his call yesterday.

But what Washington says, not London, is what really matters to the Kremlin.

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