Rosie Jones responds back to abuse after the time question appears

comic and last stop Actress Rosie Jones has responded to the abuse she received after her appearance question time.

Rosie, who has cerebral palsy, appeared as part of the panel on Thursday’s (October 7) edition of the BBC program alongside Education Minister Nadim Zahawi, Shadow Foreign Minister Lisa Nandy, LBC’s Nick Ferrari and National Universities Association President Minette Butters.

During the programme, Rousey spoke about Boris Johnson’s speech at the Conservative Party conference, saying the prime minister had spoken a lot but: “I haven’t heard anything.”


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I also spoke passionately about the need for Minorities to feel safe on Britain’s streets.

After appearing on the show, Rosie tweeted about the abuse she had received online.

“Sad, I am not surprised by the ill-treatment of Qadir that I have received,” she wrote. “It is an indication of the country we live in now.

“I will continue to speak out loud what I believe in.”

Rosé appeared too free woman On Friday (October 8), she said the abuse made her “more determined to speak out on behalf of minorities.”

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“A lot of my job is going on stage and making silly jokes about my boobs,” Rosie told panelists Kay Adams, Frankie Bridge, Jane Moore, and Rachel Stevens.

“So, actually, to have a platform where I can talk more seriously about what it means to be disabled, gay, and a woman in this country right now, seems like a strong opportunity.

“Unfortunately, after my appearance last night, I received a lot of abuse online about how I looked and what I looked like and about my disability, and it actually makes me more determined to speak out for minorities because this country needs to be a better, more accepting place to live.”

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