Ronald Fate 90 Days Claims His Wife Tiffany Is Lying

Ronald Smith's 90 Day Fiancé Applauds Again At Tiffany Franco's Allegation

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco. Courtesy of Ronald Smith/Instagram; Courtesy of Tiffany Franco / Instagram

Two sides to every story. Ronald Smith Clap again for the scattered wife Tiffany Franco distance 90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way The alum has made some serious allegations about his behavior.

The contradiction started after Smith established his relationship with Girlfriend Lauren Fraser Instagram official earlier this month. The South African, 30, shared another sweet tribute to Fraser on Wednesday, November 24.

“You came into my life for a reason and I only see you as a blessing 💕,” 90 Days Fiancé: Happy Forever? We shared the reality star via Instagram On Wednesday, November 24, with a video of him and Fraser cuddling in front of the camera. “Thank you for being you and thank you for entering my life. I appreciate you so much and spending time with you is all I need.”

Franco, 28, gave birth to her ex-husband in a blast at Instagram Live later that week. “My husband’s friend, the sweet girl, the innocent girl” 90 days fiance The alum told the Fraser audience. I sent her screenshots, [but] She does not care! “

The Maryland native claimed that Smith was trying to get her back despite apparently going ahead. Franco claimed to have documentation of his messages clearly trying to mend their broken marriage, and claimed that they had recently had a nude FaceTime session.

“Ronald here says, ‘Everything Tiffany said about me by saying I wanted things sorted is not true,'” she recalls. “This guy said to me, ‘You still have my heart.'” He said: I can leave her. Here’s the easy part, “Two. Three, I’m sorry, but he watched me yesterday getting undressed.”

Franco went on to claim that he was taking drugs, and she denied his claims that she did not allow him to talk to the children. They share daughter Carly, 2, and Franco is also mother to son Daniel, 10, from a previous relationship. She said that the father is allowed to communicate with the children as much as he wants through Daniel’s phone.

However, Smith denied the allegations of his ex-wife, claiming that she downloaded pictures of empty powder packets to pretend they were evidence of his drug use. He also responded with His Instagram Live. “A story that she said I said we should fix things and so on is a lie,” he told viewers.

Ronald Smith's 90 Day Fiancé Applauds Again At Tiffany Franco's Allegation

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith. Courtesy of Ronald Smith / Instagram

He went to address his estranged wife directly: “Tiffany, just take it. Agree with it and we’ll move on. I told you, go ahead, go on with your life. You deserve happiness. But you want to make it so ugly and talk about all this BS. Saying I jumped on you yesterday? Tiffany?” Crazy. That’s an illusion.”

The 90 Days Fiancé: What Now? The star accused the mother of the two children with withholding information to manipulate the story to fit her own.

“Tiffany has a very good talent for composing stories, point one,” he said. “Point two, she’s going to say the right things that she knows would make me very upset, and annoy Lauren, anything like that. But what she doesn’t do is she doesn’t tell you guys the whole story.”

Smith described his ex-wife as “too good at manipulation,” adding, “She doesn’t tell you guys how to keep the kids from me. She doesn’t tell you guys how she wants money from me. She doesn’t tell you guys that she bothers my family for money.”

He claimed Franco nearly convinced his mother that he was a dead father and avoided providing for his children, but he proved her wrong by showing him an Amazon order history with diapers and baby products sent to Maryland regularly.

Smith even claimed that Franco “refused” to sign the divorce papers he sent her in the United States

The estranged couple got married in an episode of 90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way The first season in 2019, fans saw their marriage hit a rough patch Earlier this year in 90 Days Fiancé: Happy Forever? The sixth season concluded in April. The two struggled with long distances as the pandemic affected visas and travel restrictions.

Franco confirmed to in touch The following August, Smith “officially broke up” with herself for the fourth time.

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