Rock & Under Armor launches a pair of gym-capable ANC headphones – check out Jack.

Under armor

Under Armor and JBL have teamed up again to release the latest item in the Project Rock Collection, a pair of wireless over-the-air training headphones designed and approved by Dwayne Johnson himself. Rock’s new headphones include ANC, breathable aircups, and washable parts with washable parts.

Believe it or not, this is The Rock’s third pair of wireless headphones. The hardest working man in Hollywood released his first pair of train over-the-ear headphones in 2018, and a few years later followed with the 2020 Project Rock Wireless Airbuds. But the new train headphones look a lot more attractive than previous releases, thanks to a sleek new design and improved features.

Engineered by JBL, the new Train headphones pack ANC, 45 hours of battery life, and five minutes of speed charging with two hours of usage. Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility allow you to make quick jumps between playlists or make appointments without having to dig into the gym bag for your phone, and the Auto Pause feature allows you to play music or Pause the podcast.

The new Train headphones include new, breathable aircups that help prevent sweat pollination, as well as an IPX4 water resistance rating for good measurement. Quick-drying ear cushions are also removable, so you can wash them before you leave the gym.

You can order new train headphones on the Under Armor website. They cost 300, which seems reasonable considering the features and JBL engineering. Of course, it’s worth noting that bone transplant headphones are a safer option than earphones when you’re exercising, as they don’t overwhelm your surroundings.

Source: Under Armor via Under Gadget.

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