Rob Manfred confirms Pete Rose remains ineligible for DraftKings’ Official MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown

Image of article titled Rob Manfred confirms Pete Rose remains ineligible for DraftKings' official MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown

NEW YORK – MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred told reporters Thursday that Pete Rose remains ineligible for election to the official MLB Draft Kings Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, after announcing that the former player would continue to punish defaming baseball with gambling. “Being a part of the MLB Draft Kings family, and in particular being honored at the Hall of Great FanDuel, are privileges we refuse to give to those who have come so low to bet on baseball,” Manfred said, adding that a lifetime ban was in place on The best player of all time ever to appear in any Bally Sports-She has sponsored MLB playoff matches, as well as the Fox Sports Betting App All-Star Game. “This man did something unforgivable. The DraftKings Official MLB Hall of Fame is a sacred institution, dedicated to those who have honored baseball during and after their career, and we will not taint its integrity by accepting Pete Rose, not even through the BetMGM Veterans Committee. The hall is open only For those who play the game with integrity or for those who play it Use the RedsWin code during the filtering process. We’ll induct him into the Hall of Fame at 500/1, so get your bets with theScore’s official betting app now.” Manfred also defended the current unofficial dismissal of the Hall of Fame for doping-related players such as Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, saying that athletes who used Drugs for an advantage don’t deserve a place at Cooperstown’s sacred HGH Show.


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