River River Resort, Johnson Beach, hits market for $3.7 million

Guerneville, CA (KGO) – In North Bay, you can have a special piece of history for the right price. Johnson’s Beach Resort for sale on the Russian River. Already, many potential buyers are lining up, including Sonoma County that has plans of its own.

“It’s an unforgettable place,” said real estate broker Catherine Proctor.

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Proctor talks about her latest list. The famous Johnson Beach Resort on the Russian River in downtown Guerneville.

“We listed Johnson Beach for $3.7 million,” she said.

Ten rustic cabins and 38 campgrounds on ten acres. But the masterpiece of it all is that famous beach.

For over 100 years, Johnson’s Beach has been a playground for resort guests. The current owners will be retiring. During Covid, public access has been limited to the beach.

“It’s been very important to the community for decades,” said Sonoma County Superintendent Linda Hopkins.

Hopkins says Sonoma County is considering an offer to purchase the property, with a new vision for the location.

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“I think the most exciting opportunity is to make it a regional park so everyone can come,” Hopkins said.

Hotel and restaurant owner Crista Luedtke is bidding on the property as well. Her dream is to save cherished memories from the past.

“When I go to the beach with my nephews, and I get a light burger and sundae, transported to the fifties, I want people to experience that for years to come,” Luedtke said.

Selling Johnson’s Beach is a personal matter for most people in this city, including business owners.

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Robin Johnson, owner of the Guerneville 5 & 10 Store, hopes that every buyer will know how valuable the beach is to the community.

“There are many generations and history, good feelings yes,” she said.

Sonoma County plans to hold a virtual public hearing about the potential purchase of Johnson Beach on October 6.

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