Rick Pettino, Iona stunned Alabama at ESPN Events Invitational

Lake Buena Vista, Florida – Nellie Joseph and Walter Clayton Jr. made two heat throws in the final seconds to lift Iona to 10th in Alabama 72-68 in an opening game at ESPN Events Invitational Thursday night.

Clayton had an offensive rebound and made one of two free throws to make it 70-68 with 20 seconds left. After Jahvon Quinerly missed a shot for Alabama, Joseph secured two free throws with 9 seconds left,

Tyson Jolie scored 13 points, Ilya Joyner 12, Quinn Slazinski 11, Leona (6-0).

Alabama (4-1) got 19 points from Jaden Shackleford. Quinerly 15 has been added.

Carpenter managed a 3 hit to lift Iona 69-65, but Shackelford connected from long range to make it a one-point game with 56 seconds remaining.

Tyson Jolie
Tyson Jolie

Joseph made two free throws during the 11-3 game to give Iona a 59-57 advantage. Alabama’s Darius Miles responded with a corner kick, but Jolly scored 3 to put Iona back in 62-59 lead in minute 4. Shackleford 3 put Alabama ahead 54-48.

Iona won despite 4 consecutive minutes early in the second half without a field goal. Alabama was leading 33-29 in the inning, which equated to the largest advance within the opening 20 minutes.


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