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Richard Madeley said the drought may have been a reason he had to leave I’m a Celebrity…get me out of here! to visit the hospital.

The TV presenter, 65, announced Thursday that he will be leaving the ITV reality show after leaving Transfer to hospital When he fell ill in the early hours of the morning.

He was originally seen by a medical team at the site before he was taken to hospital as a precaution, after an incident in which his head was first lowered into streams of rotting fruit and vegetables.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Monday, Madley said: “I think what happened to me was that I became dehydrated. I think that was all it was. But dehydration, if anyone has experienced it, is actually very annoying. Basically, I think I was awake for about 20 hours the day before.

“And the day before that we had very long days and slept very late, we had no hours there, but I don’t think I went to bed until about 4,4:30 in the morning and knew I was thirsty and I’m really bad at remembering actually drinking. While I was actually cuddling up in my sleeping bag, it was freezing, I thought: Ah, I haven’t had a big drink in a while, I’ll do it when I wake up.”

The next thing he knew, Madele said, was “sitting there babbling.” “I was talking about nonsense,” he said. “I basically woke up, not knowing where I was, what was going on, and I could barely put a sentence together.

“As it turns out, there was no damage, nothing wrong. I went to the hospital, had all the tests you can imagine, got a 100% clean bill of health and they were happy to have me back.”

Madeley took part in the Kitchen Nightmares Challenge.
Madeley took part in the Castle Kitchen Nightmares Challenge. Photo: ITV/REX/Shutterstock

By leaving the camp, Madley broke the Covid “bubble” and thus had to leave the castle. In the last challenge, called Castle Kitchen Nightmares, he had searched for 10 stars hidden in a room “full of castle creatures” where spoiled food including fish guts and offal had been thrown at him from above.

Following Madeley’s exit, production fell victim to Storm Arwen, with the remaining celebrities removed from the castle over the weekend while work was carried out to restart the production base in Wales again after technical problems.

ITV said the storm had caused “significant damage” to the base. “While we are restarting the production base after experiencing technical issues due to the storm, we have removed the celebrity from the castle,” a statement from I’m a Celebrity said.

ITV added that the quarantine conditions for the celebrities will remain the same as before they entered the castle.

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