Richard Branson just flew to the edge of space. This is what it means for space travel.

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Richard Branson just flew to the edge of space. This is what it means for space travel.

Virgin Galactic has already signed 650 people to fly in its car, including musician Justin Bieber and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, but so far only accessible to those able, but hopefully such Flights may one day be more affordable for ordinary people. . “The billionaire side of this space race is an unfortunate distraction,” says space industry analyst Claib Williams. “More importantly, we are democratizing access [to space]. This is a moment of reflection.

Yesterday’s flight was not just about bragging rights. Submarine flights also allow important scientific work to be done. “Researchers are flying with their science, they are very valuable,” said Laura Forkszike of the space consultancy firm Australitical. In this first flight, an experiment was conducted by the University of Florida to see how plants respond to microgravity. Future missions will study how to treat dust on steroids, and practice the technique of performing surgery in space.

Leading NASA’s New Horizons mission in Pluto, instead of relying on remote systems or astronauts on the key space that researchers could lead themselves, such as Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in Texas and the International Space Station. ۔ For example, Strain will test a previously used astronomical imaging system on the space shuttle that can make useful observations of the solar system.

“There has been an ideological population here for 150 years [asteroids] Inside Mercury’s orbit, Stern says. “The best way to look at them is at noon from space. On the space station, the twilight event lasts only 30 seconds because you are traveling 18,000 miles per hour. But on Space Shop Two or New Shepard, the trend lasts for a few minutes. “

Indeed, there are legitimate criticisms of two billionaires running in space amid epidemics. And many of us will not be able to afford that for years to come. Among the scientists, but this childish Branson / Bezos competition should still pave the way for more people to rise than ever before.

“It’s not just billionaires and rich people,” says Forkszak. “It could be the dawn of a truly commercial space tourism.”

“It shows that the business is ready for prime time,” Williams added.

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