Reversing the fan ban alone does not satisfy the creators.

It didn’t work. Less than a week later, when only Fans announced a ban on pornography from its platform due to pressure from its banking partners, the subscription site announced on Wednesday that the decision could be premature. ۔ Instead of removing sexually explicit material on the site, the company. Said in a tweetIt was “safe.” [the] The necessary assurances to support our diverse creative community, and the change in its policy, have been “suspended”, effective October 1.

The proposed changes would be disastrous for sex workers, who make up the majority of the creators on the platform, and although the keel is a relief, some people on the face of it have expressed concern about their long-term future on the site. Something upset. “Workers are still losing subscribers in this confusion,” says the artist and adult content creator. Tropicry.. “I think they changed their minds, not for the sake of the sex workers, because they realized that retaliation would do more harm to their pockets.”

Money has long been the center of many fan tactics. When it announced the pornography ban last week, the company said the move was aimed at appeasing its banking partners, including Bank of New York Mellon and JP Morgan Chase, and a follow-up with it. In the interview Financial Times.Chase was particularly aggressive in closing sex worker accounts or … any business that helps sex workers, said founder Tim Stokey.

Apparently, that has changed. In a statement emailed to Wired on Wednesday, the company said the ban on explicit content was “no longer needed due to assurances from banking partners that only fans can support all types of creators.”

Still, many creators who struggle to find alternatives in the wake of last week’s announcement do not see the change as a victory. “If it is a victory, it is a temporary victory Borlord.. “I’ve never seen a platform reverse course like this. The language they choose in their announcements bothers me. ‘Suspended’ doesn’t build trust. And they name sex workers or erotic laborers.” Refused to take – they went back to the cautious double-spoke of ‘creator’ and ‘all kinds’. We’ve been to the dance floor for a long time now.

What remains is an uncertain future for both creators and fans alike, with plans to unveil later this year. The site has more than 130 million users and 2 million creators, but hostility against the porn industry has only recently increased, as adult subscription sites have gained popularity. Opponents believe that only sites like Fans are partly responsible for the increase in child pornography.

“We need to talk about how our banking system has quietly crowned itself as the new ethical police,” says Adamsiti, referring to payment processors such as MasterCard and Visa, which are conservative. The groups Exodus Cry and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) are under pressure. Breaking up with platforms that meet explicit sexual expressions.


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