Retrieve Open Cart Order UVdesk Open Source.

This extension integrates the OpenCart online store with the UVdesk open source helpdesk system to sync and verify orders. Once connected, ticket agents can get information about the order.

Note: – To use this module first, you need to install the UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk.


  • Open source and highly customizable.
  • Get order details directly on tickets using Order ID.
  • The support agent can correct whether the support ticket is fraudulent or genuine.
  • Save time and sell more.
  • Anyone can check the source code.
  • Provide excellent customer service in a short time.
  • This module improves the overall support system with support staff performance.

Why Open Source Cart Order UVdesk Module?

Therefore, this module improves the performance of your support staff by showing the order details on the ticket system. It only reduces the time spent by support staff by getting order details on the ticket system. You do not have to leave the ticket system to check the details.

Installation of Open Cart Order Recovery Module

Step 1: Create a directory with a name uvdesk Inside the project’s app folder.

Note 1: This package is free. uvdesk / eCommerce Packages Make sure you have that package installed before proceeding with the installation.

Note 2: Also make sure that your project is running in a development environment.

Step 2: The customer will get one. Zip folder After purchasing the extension. Then unzip the corresponding extension zip and rename the extracted folder. “Open cart “ After the integration Open cart Inside the folder in the project’s root directory Apps / UV Desk.


Step 3Next, run the following commands to complete the setup in the project root directory.

$ php bin/console uvdesk_extensions:configure-extensions
$ php bin/console assets:install


Now, clear the project cache.

$php bin/console c:c

You will see once the commands are executed successfully. Apps Icon on the dashboard after logging in to the admin panel.

Open cart Order Recovery Module Configuration

  • Click once you get to the admin dashboard. Discover apps. The option that will be sent to you on the application page.
  • Here, you will see OpenCart eCommerce app, click on this app icon.
OpenCart is installed.
  • After that, you will be taken to the integration page. Here, you will find “+ Connect OpenCart Store.Button
Open car integration
  • Once you click this button, you’ll be taken to the Configuration Settings page. In this configuration page, you will find four fields. Name, API Path, Client ID, Client Secret, Access Token.
oc channel

Name: Write any random name for identification.

API Path: Enter the API path in your Open Cart Store.

Client IDEnter the OAuth client ID:

Client’s secretEnter the secret of your OAuth client.

Access tokens: Enter the OAuth Access Token in your Open Cart Store.

How to get Client ID, Client Secret and Access Token from Open Cart Store?

  • Log in to your store admin panel.
  • After successfully logging in, go to. Extensions -> Installer.
  • Here you will find the option to upload file, just upload the file here as shown in the snapshot below.

NoteYou can download the zip file from: In this file you just need to copy two folders named admin, paste the catalog in open cart project ۔

To upload a zip file go to:

  • After uploading the file, go to the Edit option, tap on it and click the Refresh button in the upper right corner.
  • So go to admin panel. System -> Users -> User Groups And edit ‘administrator’ and select all for both access and edit permissions then save it.
  • Then, transfer the given zip file as admin to the Catalog OpenCart project that you have installed and refresh it.
  • So, you can find the updated module under Extensions section, just tap on it and you will find the filter option in the upper right corner.
Select module.
  • Here you will find an option of modules, just tap on the specific module that you have uploaded.
Open Blog -
  • After clicking on the Edit button shown in the snapshot above, and it will take you to a new page, here you will also have the option to create your own admin and password.

So create your APS from here and then save.

UVdesk panel layout:

After successful configuration, you will see a success message on UVdesk. The screenshot below shows that the integration has been completed successfully.


Therefore, on the ticketing system, the support staff can enter the order ID and select the platform or marketplace and then click. Get the order.


It’s for everyone Open Cart Order UVdesk Open Source Module Retrieve.. In addition, if you still have a problem, please submit a ticket to our ticket panel.

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