Respawn co-founder takes over battlefield, resigns after launch of DICE GM 2042

Electronic Arts is rocking the Battlefield franchise, just weeks after its tumultuous start. Battlefield 2042. Co-founder Vince Zampilla Apex Legends And Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment will oversee the upcoming Battlefield franchise, and Marcus Lehto, co-creator of Halo and head of a new EA development studio, will build the global battlefield and narrative, according to a new report. I will handle the efforts to bring. From Game Spot

Oscar Gabrielson, general manager of Battlefield developer Dice, is also leaving the studio after nearly a decade at the company. On TwitterGabrielsson called leaving the dice “one of the hardest decisions of my life.”

“DICE has some of the best talent in the industry and the team is in very good hands.” Gabrielson said in a separate tweet. “I will be here to support the transition in the next few months before embarking on my new adventure. I can promise you all that there is much to look forward to on the battlefield!”

EA also told GameSpot that it was working to create an “connected battlefield universe” in several studios, including DICE. Battlefield Portal Developer Ripple Effect (not DICE LA) Marcus Lahto’s new, anonymous, Seattle-based studio; And Industrial Toys, a studio led by Alex Seropian working on a mobile game on the battlefield.

Zampella told GameSpot that EA and its battlefield-focused studios will “continue to grow and develop Battlefield 2042” and “explore new types of experiments and business models.” In the near future, though, DICE, Ripple Effect, and Lehto’s studios will team up according to GameSpot to “expand and improve Battlefield 2042”.

Battlefield 2042 Launched in November, but without the franchise’s expected single player campaign. Instead, developers DICE and Ripple Effect focused exclusively on multiplayer, bringing 128-player battles into the military shooter franchise and allowing players to create their own Battlefield Mashup with the Battlefield Portal. DICE released the latest update. Battlefield 2042The biggest patch of the game to date, on Thursday.

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