Resident Evil: Welcome to Recon City is a faithful movie adaptation that the games deserve.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Recon City Spencer Mansion

Albert Wesker (left), Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield have escaped to the mansion where they think it is safe.

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If you ask me to create a theme park based on anything in pop culture, I will recreate the Dangerous Spencer Mansion of Resident Evil Games and the eerie Raccoon Police Department. If you are currently hiking me, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is the movie for you. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s definitely not.

Movie – which is. Outside theaters in the United States and the United Kingdom And on December 8, the Hit-47 Meters Downs from Australia wrote and directed Johannes Roberts And provides an adaptation that is largely loyal to the source material. He cleverly reboots movies and adds complex sequences. Six Milla Jovovich Resident Evil Outings, which barely resembled games.

In doing so, Roberts has created a film that will delight audiences in search of entertainment. Easter is full of eggs I ride through the first two games 25 years old Survival Horror Series. However, the film may leave a wider audience a little confused and dissatisfied.

Go back to the 90’s.

The film begins hopefully, with a flashback to siblings Claire and Chris Redfield as a young man living in a scary orphanage. Much like Recon City, the place is run by Umbrella Corporation (surely a children’s home run by a pharmaceutical company would raise some red flags?) And has an atmosphere of intense “immoral experience.”

We leapfrogged and reached 1998, when Umbrella left town and set up a new location. The Red Fields have all grown up and gone their separate ways, but Claire (Maze Runner’s Kaya Scodelario) returns to the public with some intense conspiracy theories about Umbrella’s experiences. But Chris (from Ruby Emile) Flash), Now a member of the city’s police force and feeling indebted to the company, has nothing to do with it and his sister’s grievances do not reach deaf ears.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Recon City Zombies

Zombies are eager to welcome you to Recon City.

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Zombies soon begin roaming the streets and biting people, suggesting that Claire may be right. As Recon City falls into chaos, she rushes to the police station to find Chris again. Zombie Land: Double Tap.And Salma Chief Brian Irons (Donal Log Off) Gautam).

Meanwhile, Chris and his elite team, including the series icons Jill Valentine (Ant man and waspHannah John-Kamin and Albert Wesker (Tom Hopper) Umbrella Academy), Are sent to the abandoned mansion on the outskirts of the city to search for their missing compatriots and find more hungry undead.

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Fans of the long-running game series will recognize the threads of these separate plots as the stories of the first two entries are intertwined, so the film has plenty to cover in a fast-running runtime of 107 minutes. There is money. And it’s well connected, paying homage to the schlocky dialogue of the games along the way and the inspiration for the B-movie.

Meet the red fields

Scudellario has given Claire a strong sense of liking, although she is not as hot a character as she is in the games. He and Emil embrace each other well, realizing that there is a lot of love between the siblings despite their differences.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Recon City Lyon and Claire

Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are searching for the Recon Police Department, which is full of horrors.

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The rest of the characters feel secondary to the Redfields, but all the actors manage to make them memorable. People chew the scenes when his sinister police boss presents a humorous show, Jogia’s Leon climbs to his feet (his incompetence can upset game fans) and Hopper is traditionally icy. Wesker has an interesting internal conflict.

We also get Neil McDonough. Captain America: The First AvengerAs William Birkin, he is humming when he moves from a loving father to a mad scientist. Despite their importance in the games, the movie is not so immersed in the Birkin family as to make them memorable.

It makes sense to push these characters into the background, but John Common feels criminally underused. On the contrary Stoke and occasionally Sisi Jill from the games, the movie version is a bit immovable and unexpected. John-Kamen is clearly having fun in this role and it’s a pleasure to watch, but you’ll leave the desire for more time with him.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Recon City Jill

Hannah John-Kamen’s Jill is so much fun to watch.

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City of the dead

As game fans know, Resident Evil’s locations are as important as its characters. Both movie versions are very impressed with their game counterparts, but the Grand Mansion feels a bit cramped, and the CGI glow of unreality in the background of the main hall of the police station (which makes it look weird) Yes, but charmingly similar to the old game. Other than these rooms, the movie doesn’t run anywhere else long enough to make us feel like they’re out of the games.

Zombie makeup is terrifying and visually distinctive throughout the board, while CGI monsters blend in with the practical elements and stay true to their game counterparts.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Recon City Chris

Robbie Amell’s Chris has one of the movie’s best action sequences (but no rock).

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Meetings with Indy are fascinating and intense, with quick cuts and disturbing perspectives that pay homage to the fixed camera angles of early games. The most memorable encounter is that Chris fights a zombie gang that is just flare by the light of his gun and lighted up – this will give you the kind of adrenaline rush that will get you through most of the games. Found with thrilling moments.

Some of the visuals feature people who haven’t played games – a scene where Claire pauses to watch a feature film will blow away longtime viewers, but it’s more comfortable for viewers. Will feel like a random.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Licker

Lickers have absolutely zero respect for your personal space.

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Horror spirit of survival

The amazing use of 90s pop songs (and a killer 80’s lyrics), fills some of the darkest moments of the film, adds a touch of realism and reminds us that filmmakers take themselves more seriously. Not taking In contrast, Mark Coron’s score (who had previously shown his horror chips on The Witch and Light houseAdds a layer of fear as our heroes fight to survive in this ruined city.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with its emphasis on gameplay, action and extraordinary individuality rather than its terrifying moments. One of the games is really scary but the tragic enemy is probably a little too humane, lowering the level of danger, while the other Famous Bedi Is completely absent.

Yet, despite the lack of intimidation, minor changes in game literature and overall stupidity, Johannes Roberts’ love for Resident Evil is evident in every moment of Welcome to Recon City. With a barrage of Easter eggs – make sure to set the middle credit – and make the classic characters interesting, the film’s Spencer Mansion and Recon police department have a pleasant journey aimed at fully captivating the audience. Is.

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