Repeat offender sentenced to DUI for Spring Valley crash that killed a passenger

Crash debris on State Route 94 in 2018. Image via OnSceneTV

Spring Valley man Convicted of murder Charged with crashing his car on State Route 94 under the influence of drugs, killing one of its occupants, he was today sentenced to 15 years in prison for life.

An El Cajon jury indicted Rene Ruiz, 30, of causing the September 17, 2018, death of 24-year-old Melanie Alexandra Feliciano and the injury of another passenger.

Prosecutors allege he was under the influence of methamphetamine and Xanax at the time of the accident. Ruiz has been charged with murder due to a previous DUI conviction from 2011.

according to California Highway PatrolRuiz was behind the wheel of an eastbound 1999 Mercedes-Benz sedan that veered off the motorway for unknown reasons around 2 p.m.

Travis Garrow, the CHP’s public affairs official, said the car crossed a dirt shoulder near Sweetwater Springs Boulevard, hit a handrail, turned airborne and overturned. After the vehicle descended side-by-side through the center, the vehicle rested on its wheels on the center shoulder of a westbound SR-94, and its roof shattered.

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