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BOSTON (AP) — Kiké Hernandez claimed Boston’s second straight win, and pinch runner Danny Santana scored with a ninth inning sacrifice to send the Red Sox to the AL Championship Series with a 6-5 victory over Tampa Bay. Monday night rays.

After winning Game Three of the AL Division Series Best of Five on Sunday with Homer Christian Vazquez on the 13th, Boston captured Game 4 in their first set of back-to-back games won since the end of the season since 2004 ALCS Games 4 and 5 , both courtesy of David Ortiz vs. the Yankees.

Raphael Devers had three home runs from rookie Shane McClanahan to light up the third inning with five runs and put Boston ahead 5-0. He fought Tampa Bay and tied it up for eighth.

The Red Sox will be waiting for the winner of another ALDS match between the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox. Houston led 2-1 in Game 4 in Chicago on Tuesday, a combination of Monday’s rain.

“From day one, you have believed in this group,” manager Alex Cora told his players before the start of a champagne club celebration.

He said it was their faith that got them to this point.

“We always said we had a good baseball team with some holes, and we still had some holes, but in the end, for how bad it looks sometimes, we’re still here,” Cora said.

Boston improved to 15-3 in potential post-season games and won each of their last eight games. It puts an abrupt end to the season for the Rays, who have been eyeing consecutive trips to the World Championship after winning 100 games during the regular season and advancing to the AL East title.

“There is no doubt that there has been disappointment,” said Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash. “We had great aspirations to go deeper into this thing. We met the Red Sox who just beat us – there is no other way to beat it. They have been so successful.”

The Red Sox is the second team to clinch the post-season series with consecutive victories. The other was the Minnesota Twins at the 1991 World Championships, according to STATS.

Vazquez drove ninth by one stroke through the hole into left field and moved into second at a sacrifice from Christian Arroyo. Next, Travis Shaw hit a bouncing ground ball to third that went for a single when Yandy Diaz rebounded his hard throw to first baseman Ji-Man Choi. Vazquez finished third and Santana entered to run for him.

“Old school baseball is right there,” Cora said. “Basic baseball, and we won the ALDS by playing good baseball.”

Hernandez, who was 9 for 20 in the series, scored Santana with a volley to the left.

“All I have to do is run from third,” Hernandez said. “And having Danny in third place instead of Vazki eased my mind a bit.”

Rays postseason star Randy Arozarena rips a no-ending single in the eighth inning from Ryan Brasier and advances to second on the throw. Garrett Whitlock rested and passed eighth without further damage, then made ninth with no goals to win.

“Once AC said you have to keep going, that’s all I was focused on,” Whitlock said.

Red Sox player Eduardo Rodriguez allowed two runs and three hits by six over five runs, plus one hit. It was redemption after he only lasted 1 2/3 of the rounds and gave up two in a 5-1 loss to Boston in the first game.

Devers finished with three strokes. Wonder Franco had Homer’s two runs for Rays.

With the match complex at 5 in the eighth, Alex Verdogo stopped Franco, who threw the ball hard into the Red Sox’s bunker, allowing Ferdogo to advance to second. With one exit, Hunter Renfroe flew into the middle and Verdugo tried to make a mark, but was pushed out in third by Kevin Kiermaier.

The Red Sox led 5-0 after three rounds but Tampa clinched 5-3 over singles Austin Meadows in the RBI in the fifth and Franco in the sixth from Tanner Hook.

Boston’s Josh Taylor scored a goalless seventh and handed it to Braiser.

But Braiser immediately gave up the back-to-back duos of Mike Zunino and Kirmayer making it 5-4. This was followed by a single by Arozarena to hook it up.

Braiser exited for Whitlock. He was able to get off the hook, making Franco fly, followed by Brandon Lowe and Nelson Cruz.

Having been solid on the hill throughout 2021 and in their first game win, the Tampa Bays have struggled in their last three games, as the Red Sox outscored the Rays 26-15.

Right captain Colin McHugh served up Monday’s opener and made two runs without goals, allowing a single stroke before handing the ball over to starter Shane McClanahan.

The rookie was going off on a three-day break and coming out with a solid performance in the series opener in which he took the win after five goalless innings.

Boston had his number this time.

McClanahan quickly gave up one Vazquez and Kyle Schwarber walked over. He seemed to be on his way out of trouble after he made Hernandez fly for the second time of the half.

But Devers hopped all over the first-court fastball and launched a streak drive into the front row of the center field stands to run at home.

Xander Bogaerts came next and sorted. This was followed by a double Verdugo of Green Monster who scored the Bogaerts. JD Martinez went on to lead with a single on The Beast that brought Verdugo to 5-0.

“It wasn’t 5-0 in the third game, it was so devastating,” Cash said. “We made it again and we came up short tonight”

McClanahan was subsequently withdrawn in favor of JT Chargois.

After Renfrew’s double, Chargois finally took the beam out of the inning, hitting Vazquez.

McClanahan’s streak for tonight: five hits, five runs, walk and run home.

coach room

Sox response: Head coach Alex Cora said underdog Hansel Robles, who gave up his solo career at home to Franco and doubled the tie in Match 3, remained under the weather ahead of Monday’s game.

good company

According to STATS, Rodriguez is the second bowler to last less than two rounds at the start of the postseason, and then deliver five or more rounds with three or fewer rounds at his next start in the same season. The other was Don Larsen, who lasted 1 2/3 in Game 2 of the 1956 World Championships before his perfect Game 5 game.


Promoter Rodriguez made it to run in the first half of the third. The hit lasted for 17 throws and included 10 straight balls before Rodriguez hit him with a slider.

The 17-court battle is the longest by stadiums in a post-season board appearance since at least 1988, when it began tracking stadium count data.

the following

Boston will hit the road for the ALCS opening Friday night.

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