Real-Life Squid is a non-lethal hit on YouTube

MrBeast stands in front of Squid guards with a screen that reads the cash prize amount.

Who will be the winner?
screenshot: Mr. Best

on Netflix’s squid gameThe stakes are high. If you win, you get 45.6 billion KRW ($39 million). If you lose, well, you die. YouTuber MrBeast recreated it squid game—But reduce risks in operation. And thank God for that!

Just like in the original show, the real live version of MrBeast features 456 people dressed in green numbered tracksuits who compete to win a large number of of criticism. The winner will be arrested $456,000, which is less than the 45.6 billion won on offer. So, yes, the money is less, but if you lose, you won’t get killed. A small device is stuck under each player’s shirt that “pops”, which makes a hole in the shirt and oozes brown liquid.

Real life versions of squid game Already held, but it is unlikely that any of them will recreate the games to this extent.

dubbed “MrBeast game,” The realistic version features a recreation of every set from the show—an impressive recreation of its time. The red light/green light set brought to life, crawling doll and all, as well as honeycomb court kits, tug-of-war match, and marble game The neighborhood and the glass bridge.

There is even a room full of bunk beds. But the last game is different.

Also, unlike the original show, those who are eliminated in later rounds are given money as a consolation prize. Some pocket too Cash for early quit.

What’s interesting is that the Life version doesn’t have any backstory or dark violence in the show. However, MrBeast’s version still sparked opinions.

Since the video hit YouTube on November 25, it has racked up more than 110 million views. This is a bunch! Part of the benefit, no doubt, is skiing in heels squid gametremendous popularity. But don’t rule out the desire to watch people try to make money, and MrBeast’s massive audience. MrBeast has made a name for himself with weird stunts and donating money, and that’s exactly what that is.

But with a lot of origin squid game Recreated in such fine detail, why isn’t MrBeast hiding who he really is?


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