Samsung has opened our collective invitation for the August 11 Galaxy Pack opening event. Get it – the United Nationssugar caneEd? You see, Samsung almost certainly made the new Z-Fold 3 and Philip 3, the two most anticipated Foldable launchers at the August 11 event, and that’s the joke we can think of. Sorry but you can save the company’s “next flagship” (yes, what could be on the ground) from today and go up to $ 200 (or $ 100), Samsung told us earlier, this page has the latter That said, more in your trade, the year of free Samsung Care +, and an unspecified “exclusive” pre-order offer.

Invitations are being sent out today for the new program, which will be broadcast live from Samsung’s site on August 11 at 10 a.m. ET / 7AM PT, although the company speaks very clearly. What Then the announcement is being made. Looking at the leak, though, we can probably tell you.

If the text “Fool” in the text and the Z-Fold / Flip style in the graphic are not clearly defined, Samsung is likely to feature two of its most widely released folding phones: the Galaxy Z Fold. The 3 and Z Flip 3 are rumored to replace the Note series this year as the company’s last 2021 flagship, and will also pick up some of its tricks, thanks to the S Pen Pro. On top of that, the Galaxy Watch 4 series is also expected, as are the newly designed designs of the Galaxy Bud 2.

Samsung fans who want an early start and have some benefits can save the uncertain flagship flags starting early today, and we’ve been told that in the glorious year of Samsung Care +, I’ll enjoy an extra 200. , And another “special” thing. Samsung won’t tell us what it is. However, we should point this out: although we are told credit up to 200, the promotion page claims 100. We have reached out to Samsung for more information on this discrepancy.

If you would rather wait and see what it is you are buying, split up for this event at one o’clock on the morning of August 11th – or come here now, and we’ll tell you what’s going on ۔