Read this story about parents who fought to stop drug trafficking on SnapChat.

NBC has a great story that takes a look at the trend of young adults trying to buy prescription or over-the-counter medications from dealers on SnapChat – and ending up with fentanyl instead. The report tells the story from the point of view of many parents who have lost their children and who are suspected of having bought tablets using the popular chatting app. It also goes into how SnapChat is trying to address this issue and the difficulties that come with this moderation for both parents and law enforcement.

Some parents suspect that their children were trying to get painkillers to deal with various ailments that were not being treated by doctors or dentists, while others say that their children are emotional. Trying to escape the world of turmoil. In at least one instance, parents suspect that SnapChat has facilitated a deal with a drug dealer that may be a few blocks away.

None of this is to say that SnapChat is off the hook. One mother says the suspected dealer is still advertising the pills months later. Another parent said it took Snap five months to provide law enforcement with information about a suspected dealer, who was eventually arrested. Snape told NBC that it is working with the DEA to find out how it should actively scan drug-related material, and that it delete suspicious dealers’ accounts. Does As NBC points out, though, creating a new one is not difficult.

The story raises questions about how to effectively moderate drug-related subjects and the role of snap chat in the spread of fentanyl as wildfire. For that, it’s worth reading.

Disclosure: Comcast, owner of NBC Universal, is also an investor in Vox Media. EdgeCore company

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