Razer is working on a handheld gaming device that competes with the SteamDack.

An image of a handheld device for the Snapdragon G3x.

Image: Qualcomm

Five months after the valve Announced the steam deck, A new challenger enters the handheld console market. Chip maker Qualcomm has partnered with gaming hardware company Razer to develop the Snapdragon G3x, a streamer-friendly console that can play games on PC, mobile, consoles and the cloud.

Hardware is still very much in development, so no further details have been given on how the streaming aspect will work.

Taking a look at چشمیThe device has a 6.65-inch OLED screen, which makes it slightly below the size of a steam deck but slightly larger than the original Nintendo Switch model. The OLED switch screen is seven inches. The Snapdragon device will include a camera and two mics, a feature that caters to players who want to stream their games. For comparison, the Steam deck has a multiplayer mic but no camera. The Snapdragon can run games up to 144 fps, while the steam deck runs. AAA Games at 60 FPS On medium settings.

As previously reported. Nintendo LifeThe Snapdragon G3x is not yet available to users. Although the console aims to stream games from other devices, the chip maker Qualcomm said it is looking for developers. To create content for the platform. As far as it has to offer developers, senior product director Micah Knapp emphasized that Qualcomm has the expertise to reduce throttling and overheating on handheld devices.

It’s a boon that has a lot of water in it because Qualcomm chips are almost there. All major Android phones. And the performance of mobile gaming is rapidly deepening the resources. Overheating is a serious problem for mobile gamers who want to play titles. Call of Duty Or Fortnight.

While PCs and mobiles can feel like a weird mashup, it makes perfect sense in today’s gaming landscape. Like PC games PUBG And Minecraft Available on mobile, and mobile games like Genshin effect And Between us There are PC ports. These ecosystems have already begun to intersect, and the line between “PC games” and “mobile games” is thin.

The announcement of the Snapdragon G3x is a logical step forward for a mobile hardware developer for the world’s most lucrative entertainment segment, especially mobile, which accounts for more than half of the gaming revenue. But it does not appear that they are rushing for public release in the near future.

“Gamers follow content,” Knepp said. “Once the pipeline is prime, [manufacturers] Can come and make gaming hardware for consumers to enjoy.


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