Ray Allen on young steve curry – why he knew he had broken the 3-point record

Basketball Hall of Fame Ray Allen played one season with Dell Curry in Milwaukee. It was a shorter season at the time.

But that split year with Carrie made a huge impression on Allen

And it had a role in changing the sport of basketball as we know it.

Dell’s son, Steph Curry – two-time MVP and three-time NBA champion – is just 34 three-pointers away from breaking Allen’s all-time record with three-pointers made in his career.

As Allen’s tenure at the top of the record book draws to a close, remember that one season in Milwaukee and the lessons it imparted to him, and possibly Steve Curry as well.

“It just seems fitting that this is the way Steve is going,” Allen said Wednesday in a video conference with Bay Area Media. “He’s really running on his own track…it’s easy to party.”

That seems fitting for Allen, because he doesn’t see himself as a 3-point shooter. Not when he entered the league, anyway.

It wasn’t until his season with Dell Curry that things started to change.

Allen, who was a 23-year-old in his third year with the Bucks, believed what he was told up until that point—the 3-point shooting was seen as soft. His first coaches prevented him from taking 3 throws.

But del Cary undermined those arguments.

“For me, Dell was the best shooting game I’ve ever seen. As a young player, [I didn’t know] How to guard him because he can shoot the ball. I thought he wouldn’t dare shoot it. [But] He did that most of the time.”

Allen’s eyes opened.

As did Curry he brought his sons – Steve and Seth, at the time aged 10 and 8 respectively – to shoot before the Bucks games.

“They’ll keep on their own,” Allen said. “We were going through drills and they would be there with us… They were shooting and falling. It didn’t seem out of place to them.”

“He’s always reminded me that when I have kids, I make sure to let them see what I’m doing — don’t stop them.”

“What they will see is what they will be,” Allen said.

How can you communicate with that?

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