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Raven, an electric vehicle startup, uncovers major losses in IPO filing.

Raven said it expects delivery of its truck, R1T and its SUV, the R1S, to begin later this year in September. The cheapest truck model is $ 67,500 and the SUV is $ 70,000. In filing, the company said that as of Sept. 30, it had received approximately 48,390 orders for its trucks and SUVs from customers in the United States and Canada from customers, each of whom had canceled and received 1,000. The return deposit was paid.

Raven models are part of the wave of electric vehicles coming into the market to challenge Tesla. Earlier this year, Ford Motor launched sales of the electric sport utility vehicle, the Mustang Match-E, while Volkswagen launched its own electric SUV, the ID-4. Ford is set to add an electric version of its popular F-150 pickup truck next year. The F-150 is a work truck and will not compete directly with the Raven truck, which is marketed as a recreational vehicle.

Another company, Lucid Motors, headed by Peter Rawlinson, a former Tesla executive, is about to launch a luxury sedan, Lucid Air, capable of traveling up to 520 miles on a single charge of its battery pack. ۔ Miles away from the longest range model from Tesla. Like Tesla’s Model S and Model X, the Air is aimed at wealthy buyers, costing $ 169,000 before federal and state concessions.

Lockheed is valued at about 40 40 billion in the stock market.

More EVs will follow. General Motors is preparing to start selling battery-powered GMC Hummer and Cadillac Lyriq SUVs, and is also working on its electric pickup truck. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Hyundai and other carmakers are also adding new EVs.

Raven’s success could be a lasting boost to the economy at the company’s main production center, Normal, IL. The company employs 2,500 workers there, and expects the number to eventually double.

By doing a traditional IPO, Raven has chosen a different path in the stock market than Lucide, Nicola and Lord Town, all of which have merged with a specific purpose-achieving company, or SPAC, to go public. Companies were formed, which were already present in the stock market. Several SPACs have been set up since the beginning of last year, but critics say the deals provide smaller investors with less protection than traditional IPOs.

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