Ratings for “The Daily Show” have fallen to shocking new lows

Late-night comedians seem to be lost late in the day.

Their writing staff didn’t have President Donald Trump to walk around anymore, though they kept trying to get him back into the conversation.

the worst? they reticent about sarcasm The current commander in chief, his low-ranking deputy, or any of Biden’s soldiers.

What is a comedy show to do?

For example, watch Fox News’ “Gutfeld”. Late night crown theft From former King Stephen Colbert. Host Greg Gutfeld is the only host willing to mock President Biden without hesitation. As a result, it crushes it in the ratings.

while, Low rated fare, such as “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” Continue to lag behind the competition. The confirmed Bee show routinely comes close or dead at the end between the main entrances late into the night. That didn’t stop TBS from praising her performance and awarding “Full Frontal” a valuable extension deal.

currently, Trevor Noah Join it at the bottom of the pile. Or, in recent days, down the bottom.

The host of The Daily Show is as reliable a progressive as his peers, although sometimes He’ll hit his side (At least a lot more than Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel.) However, the latest screenshots of his show ratings aren’t bad.

It’s unfortunate.

The 259K figure is down from previous time periods, but the other numbers are almost as bad.

The story was similarly grim a few weeks ago (“The Daily Show” didn’t break that list…

Earlier this year, Noah’s numbers weren’t quite as good, but they weren’t as worrisome as they are now.

Noah learns the hard way that handing over the commander in chief with pleasure is not a smart course for a cynical program. Biden is an extremely unpopular leader, and progressive viewers likely wouldn’t mind a sting or two directives at him.

Saturday Night Live learns this lesson, too. The show on the far left is an experience of its own Ratings drop Since President Biden was sworn in.

That didn’t stop the press from getting around Noah. Variety suggested just weeks ago that a file No Trump material The Daily Show didn’t hurt a bit.

Noah faced a different reality during the Trump era. Four years ago, the ultra-left Los Angeles Times said Noah was doing this Hit gold ratings Thanks in part to Trump.

Record one of the last White House interviews with President Obama. It achieved the most viewed week ever in May, with over 1 million viewers. Enhanced by his bestselling memory, A Crime Was Born, his hilarious and heartbreaking account of growing up poor in South Africa and intermarrying two parents.

This is goofy gold now that Trump is a normal citizen.

Noah is not as talented or funny as his famous predecessor Jon Stewart. However, he succeeded in getting Stewart’s “Daily Show” wand in 2015 and took over the Late Night Wars.

Journalists may still be getting close to shorting Noah’s progressive… while avoiding rough news about his ratings. The comedian may have to adjust his programming if he wants to avoid looking for bad Bee ratings.

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